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County to revisit statue issue
Confederate monument on meeting agenda for second time
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Mike Mull, a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Ogeechee Rifles camp 9541, speaks to county commissioners and onlookers in defense of the Confederate monument on the courthouse lawn at the July 7 meeting of the Bulloch County Board of Commissioners. Mull is on the agenda to speak again at Tuesday morning's meeting. - photo by EDDIE LEDBETTER/staff
The memorial statue of a Confederate soldier standing on the Bulloch County Courthouse square will be once again discussed during a Bulloch County Commission meeting.During the last Bulloch County Commission July 7, there was standing room only as supporters of Major Woodall, a 21-year-old Georgia Southern University student who created a petition to remove the statue, as well as a number of citizens who want the statue to remain, some bearing Confederate flags, passionately aired their concerns.This time, Mike Mull, a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Ogeechee Rifles camp 9541, is on the agenda to speak about the statue.Woodall was not listed on the July 21 commission meeting’s agenda Friday, but said he plans to speak before the commission during its Aug. 4 meeting, hoping to persuade commissioners to move towards forming a committee to discuss the statue’s removal. He claims the statue does not represent all Bulloch County citizens.“The statue is property of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, is protected by Georgia state law, and we will not budge,” Mull said. During the July 7 meeting, he said to move the statue would cost at least $175,000 and moving it could endanger the statue’s structure.The issue of the statue’s future was almost pushed to a back burner when state NAACP president Francys Johnson, representing Woodall, demanded people carrying Confederate flags leave the meeting, calling the flag a “Southern swastika.”
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