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Convicted murderer gets parole
Sara Googe Coxwell had her husband killed in 1993
Charles GoogeWeb
Charles Googe

           A woman convicted of killing her husband in 1993 and burying him in the back yard is up for parole Oct. 15, but isn't expected to return to Bulloch County to live.

            Bulloch County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Gene McDaniel said Sara Googe Coxwell, 70, will settle in Tennessee.

            Coxwell was convicted of the March 5, 1993  murder of James Coxwell, 59, at their Country Lakes Mobile Home residence off U.S. 301 South.

             She received a life sentence for the murder, as well as a concurrent sentence of 10 years for bigamy, having remarried a former husband, Charles Googe, the day before she had him kill Coxwell.

            Googe, now 60, remains in the Valdosta State Prison with a life sentence of murder, according to the Georgia Department of Corrections web site. (www.dcor/state/ga/us).

            McDaniel said Sara Coxwell and Googe plotted to kill James Coxwell and conceal the death in order to continue receiving his Social Security check. 

            Sara Coxwell put a sedative in her husband's coffee and after he fell asleep, had Googe shoot him " two or three times behind  the ear," killing him, he said.

            The pair dragged Coxwell's body behind a mobile home next door, dug a grave, buried him and then poured concrete over the grave, "and made a porch on top of him," McDaniel said.

            James Coxwell's daughter came looking for him, and did not believe Sara Coxwell's story that he just left and never came back, he said. Then, one night, Charles Googe was drinking at his family's home in Candler County when he confessed that he killed a man, he said. It was months after the murder, on June 18, 1993.

            The family called Candler County Sheriff Homer Bell, who thought Googe's confession was " drunken ramblings" until he contacted the Bulloch County Sheriff's Department, McDaniel said. "Then he found out I was looking for (Googe)."

            Googe took investigators to the grave where James Coxwell was buried, and was arrested after his confession, he said.

            "The next day we excavated the grave and found where James Coxwell had been shot behind the ear two or three times with a .22 rifle."

            Sara Coxwell's arrest followed shortly afterward.

            McDaniel said both Googe and Sara Coxwell pled guilty and were each sentenced to life in prison for murder, and 10 years in prison, to serve concurrently, for bigamy.

            Sara Coxwell will be released from Pulaski State Prison Oct. 15 and plans to live with her daughter Linda Sexton in Greenville, TN, according to information from the state department of parole.


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