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Tommy Palmer's Sports Comment - A Final Four no one could have predicted
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Tommy Palmer

Tommy Palmer Sports Comment 3-28-2011 Re-take

Listen to Tommy Palmer read his latest Sports Comment.

      March Madness bounceball is almost complete. Ironically, the NCAA basketball championship will come to a successful conclusion the first Monday night of April in 2011, which prompts me to wonder if the NCAA, CBS, TBS, TNT and TruTV might need to come up with a new marketing slogan for this long, long, sports spectacular.
      One other thought I had when realizing that this basketball season is quickly coming to an end; how many people in the world had UConn, Kentucky, VCU and Butler in their Final Four tournament brackets before the tournament began? I would venture to guess that number is less than the actual number of teams playing in this year's Final Four.
       Much to my dismay, 11 teams from the Big East Conference made the tourney this year, which left several other deserving teams out in the cold. Now after several weeks of play, the biggest surprise to the so called experts of college basketball, there remains only the University of Connecticut from that supposed power-laden league.
     Kentucky and UConn will be a battle royal in one semi-final matchup, as will Butler and Virginia Commonwealth University in the other one. VCU was a team which didn't even bother to watch the selection show, assuming they weren't going to the big dance anyway. However, they have danced flawlessly of late and one might suggest that they have stepped on some unsuspecting toes along the way to this year's Final Four.
      So here we are at the Final Four and all college basketball fans now have a favorite team picked to win the NCAA Division I basketball championship. My favorite in this year's semifinals is either Kentucky, VCU or Butler, but in all probability UConn will win it all. After all, they do play in the Big East Conference.

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