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America needs a new direction
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    Ah, it’s the second week of January and we’re full into the throes of the 2008 presidential elections. A whole 1.4 percent of the populations has cast its vote so far. Yep, only 98.6 percent of the population to go.
    Seriously, nine months of campaigning, millions of dollars spent on campaign materials (including the Tacredo ad that implies all our malls will be blown up if we don’t vote for him - I guess we’re doomed) and we haven’t even hit two percent of the population yet.
    Oh, the humanity.
    There is one little bright spot for me though.
    I was talking to my sister the other day and she was telling me she couldn’t got out for dinner because her husband, my brother-in-law, had to stay home and watch the New Hampshire primary returns.
    Needless to say, I approve of her choice.
    But what you really need to know is that he only recently became a citizen. Originally he came to the U.S, from across the pond, to do his graduate and doctoral studies over here. Then, after he met my sister and got a job doing post-doctoral research, he decided to start down the long path to citizenship. Now, he's officially an American.
    Congratulations, bro.
    This will be his first election and he’s obviously taking it very seriously. In the process, he’s making a large portion of the American populace look like slackers. Most of us in the U.S. can't even take the time to register, much less vote.
    For example, in Bulloch alone, we have around 61,000 people, with around 75 percent of voting age. Only 11,000 are registered to vote, even after the recent emotion-driven student registrations. This means only 24 percent of the county has even bothered registering to vote.
    Heck, at least that many people have called SoundOff.
    Like I said, he’s making most of us look like slackers and he wasn’t even born here.
    I just hope he casts his vote for Ron Paul. (Seriously, stop the eye rolling already)
    Now, some may say, “Ah, he don’t have a chance to win. He’s only in fourth place.” But let's look at the composite totals from Iowa and New Hampshire combined, compiled by Nick Bradley at
    Mitt Romney has 105,292 total votes, or 29.91 percent.
    John McCain has 104,025 total votes, or 29.55 percent.
    Mike Huckabee has 67,609 total votes 19.20 percent.
    Ron Paul has 30,120 total votes, or 8.56 percent.
    Rudy Giuliani has 24,492 total votes or 6.96 percent.
    Fred Thompson has 18,790 total votes or 5.34 percent.
    These figures show Paul ahead of “front-runners” Giuliani and Thompson. And he’s got around $20 million in the bank for Super Tuesday. Plus, the current leader in delegates, Huckabee, only has 31 so far. There’s more than that in Georgia alone.
    Frankly, not a bad showing considering the talking heads on the major networks have been saying for months that he’s a “fringe” candidate and continually asking him who he’ll support when he loses or if he’ll run as a third-party candidate. When are they going to ask Rudy and Fred these questions?
    Probably after South Carolina on Jan. 19.
    All I know it that Paul has ideas and says some things that no other candidate has the guts to say out loud. For example, bringing troops home from all over the world.
    Let's look past Iraq and Afghanistan on this issue, for now, and look at the idea of bringing troops home from some of the other 128 foreign countries. How about the 48,000 troops in Japan, or the 63,000 troops in Germany or the 11,000 troops in the United Kingdom. What about Italy, Greece, Spain, Belgium or Greenland? Does anyone seriously think that any of these countries poses a serious threat to our sovereignty if we don't have troops stationed there? What could we do with that money?
    Bottom line is this: our country has some issues beside homeland security that we need address before we go bankrupt. If we don't seriously change our tack, we may be headed over the falls. Paul is the only trustworthy Presidential candidate with fresh ideas that aren't beholden to corporate or political interests.
    Toad the Wet Sprocket's song, "Whatever I Fear," sums up the idea
    "Do we expect these things to change/by waking up and suddenly there they are/And all I need's a starting place/And nothing ever seemed so hard."
    Voting for Paul is where I'm going to start.

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