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Cold weather coming
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If you were cold when you woke up today, be warned, tonight and Saturday morning could be colder.
    Ben Smith, chief meteorologist for WSAV-TV in Savannah, said Friday night should be the coldest night of the autumn season.
    "You guys should be down to the upper teens," Smith said. "You could have 10 to 12 hours of being below freezing from Friday night into Saturday morning."
    Thursday night saw cold, arctic air move its way down into the area, causing temperatures to fall well below average for this time of year.
    "We usually average 64, so you're talking about almost 20 degrees below average for this time," Smith said.
    While the lows for last night were in the twenties and tonight is expected to be in the teens, the highs aren't that much warmer.
    "Our rebounding high (for today) is only going to be 46 degrees," Smith said.
    Saturday may be warmer, but Smith said there are some models that still call for temperatures as low as 20 degrees.
    "When it gets this cold, you want to wrap any exposed pipes you have," he said. He also urged people to check on the elderly and very young children.
    Also, Smith recommended bringing in any plants you're able to.
    "It wouldn't be enough to cover them up when it's in the teens," he said.
    The cold spell should break by Sunday or Monday with temperatures returning to the sixties by early next week.
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