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Mill Creek Park goes tech
Frontier hooks up Wi-Fi
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A woman is shown using Wi-Fi in New York City's Central Park. Frontier Communications just wired Mill Creek for Wi-Fi. - photo by Special

      Last week, Frontier Communications launched a new community Wi-Fi Hot Zone covering Mill Creek Regional Park in Statesboro.
      Known simply as a ‘Hot Zone', this series of inter-connected and overlaid outdoor Wi-Fi access points form a continuous Wi-Fi Hot Zone that allows customers of Frontier and visitors to stay connected to broadband Internet services while visiting Mill Creek. A variety of Wi-Fi enabled devices are supported such as tablets, smart phones, laptops, etc.
      "Our Hot Zone that blankets Mill Creek Park is now a reality in Statesboro," said Jaclyn Cason, Frontier general manager. "This service enhances business capabilities and personal communications. We are committed to bringing the latest technology to Statesboro and surrounding communities and keeping our community at the forefront of innovation."
      According to Bulloch County manager Tom Couch, negotiations between the county and Frontier began last summer.
      "Mike Rollins, our parks and recreation director, was trying to find a means in which to provide internet service more seamlessly throughout the park," Couch said. "Thanks to Frontier Communications Wi-Fi, park goers can now enjoy the amenities of Mill Creek Park while staying connected to the internet. Bulloch County government is pleased that Frontier Communications was willing to partner with us and provide this service at one the community's most used venues."
      Wi-Fi service in the park is not free, but it can be accessed from Frontier for a nominal charge which is offered on a tiered level through company's internet website.
      "If you try and use the Wi-Fi while on park grounds, a message will come up directing you on how to access the service from Frontier," he said. "The user can then make the appropriate choice themselves."
      Couch said the addition of Wi-Fi to the park is addressing the generational trend in internet connectivity that is sweeping the nation - constant access in all places, at all times.
      "I know that some families spend hours at the park watching and waiting for their children to participate in a sports activity," he said. "I am sure that a number of people, especially younger parents and younger people will probably be the primary users."
      Frontier's Hot Zone delivers broadband Internet access across a secure, managed network. According to Cason, Hot Zones are proven tools in driving economic development within local communities. They also support "digital inclusion" for residents without broadband by offering Internet access at an affordable price throughout the community.
      Cason said anyone can gain access to the Frontier Hot Zone by becoming a "My Wi-Fi" casual user with no requirement to be a Frontier customer. Casual users can purchase My Wi-Fi ‘casual user' day passes available in 1 hour, 1-day, 2-day, 7-day and 30-day increments. Also, Existing Frontier High Speed Internet customers desiring Hot Zone access also have the option to add a monthly My Wi-Fi ‘subscription' for a nominal fee to their monthly plan.
      "Frontier is proud to strengthen its presence in Statesboro," Cason said. "We are bringing the communities we serve top technology; connectivity via wireless broadband access is what business and residential customers, visitors and commuters want, need and can now enjoy through Frontier."


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