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Bulloch County Restaurant Inspections
Compiled from reports from the Bulloch County Health Department
Restaurant Inspections

The following are among the food service establishments inspected in October by the Bulloch County Health Department. The department scores on a 100-percentile scale. Kitchens are inspected at least every four months and are required to post their score sheets in public. The score and selected comments from health inspectors are included in each report. All eating establishments are located in Statesboro, except where noted. To view all restaurant scores, visit and select Bulloch County.

Oct. 19

➤ Bigma's Soul Food Restaurant, 673 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive  

▲ Score: 92

Observed coolers/freezers without internal thermometers. Observed grease and buildup on equipment. Observed buildup on bottoms of reach-in refrigerators and freezers. Observed buildup on shelves and tables. Observed floors in need of repainting. Observed grease buildup on hood filters. Inspector: Marlin Thomas.

➤ Orchid Asian Restaurant, 1525 Fair Road Suite 103  

▲ Score: 95

Observed sanitizer bucket with no reading on test strip. Chlorine sanitizer must be at 50 ppm concentration and tested with a chlorine test strip. The final step of cleaning tables must be with approved sanitizer. Observed plate used as scoop in vegetables in walk-in. Scoops must have handles and stored with the handle not in contact with food product.  Inspector: Aaron Jump.

➤ Wild Wing Cafe, 52 Aspen Heights Drive  

▲ Score: 91

Observed personal drink stored on food contact surfaces. Observed food debris and buildup on can opener blade. Observed potentially-hazardous food cold-held at greater than 41 degrees F. Observed buildup and food debris on bottoms of reach-in coolers/freezers. Observed food debris and buildup in ovens. Observed food debris and buildup on floors. Observed damaged floors. Inspector: Thomas.

Oct. 20

➤ El Sombrero #10, 600 Northside Drive East  

▲ Score: 92

Observed ice scoop stored in liquid accumulation inside wall-mounted scoop holder. Wash/rinse/sanitize scoop and holder. Consider drilling holes so that it will not hold water and clean regularly to prevent accumulations. Sanitizer buckets must read 50 ppm on test strips. Use test strips to verify concentration and consider using sanitizer dispenser. Observed unknown residue inside ice machine. Empty and clean ice machine often enough to keep clean. Repair gasket on cooler drawers below grill. Also, drawer does not close smoothly or easily; it needs to be adjusted. Gasket, door closure on inside walk-in cooler in need of repair. Clean inside and outside of cooler drawers, inside reach-in cooler and under prep top cooler. Repair slow drain in handwashing sink behind bar. Handwashing sink is only to be used for handwashing. Clean floors in kitchen and under/behind equipment. Inspector: Jump.

Oct. 21

➤ Bulloch County Correctional Complex, 17257 Highway 301 North  

▲ Score: 99

Ice scoop must be protected from contamination. Store in clean container. Inspector: Jump.

Oct. 21

➤ Great Wall Restaurant, 620 Fair Road Suite A  

▲ Score: 92

Observed soiled scoop stored in starch. Corrected on-site; scoop removed to dishwashing area. Observed bowl washed and rinsed without sanitizing step. Dishes must be washed, then rinsed, then sanitized and air-dried. Observed food stored directly on floor in walk-in cooler. Clean food debris in reach-in freezer. Inspector: Jump.

➤ Ocean Galley Seafood, 15 Coach Lee Hill Boulevard  

▲ Score: 95

Food prep surfaces must be cleaned and sanitized. Observed food debris and ice accumulations in reach-in freezer. Clean shelf above hot food window, cooler doors and handles. Inspector: Jump.

➤ Southeast Bulloch High School, P.O. Box 68, Brooklet 

▲ Score: 96

Observed dishwasher not reaching proper sanitation temperature. Inspector: Thomas.

➤ Statesboro Head Start, 150 Williams Street  

▲ Score: 98

Repair handle/closure to warming cabinet. Repair dishwasher within 10 days. Health department will return to check proper operation of dishwasher. Replace light bulb in dry storage room. Inspector: Jump.

➤ Uncle Shug's Bar-B-Q Place, 105 Highway 80 East, Brooklet  

▲ Score: 93

Observed no paper towels at hand sink. Observed single-service items without protective sleeves. Observed equipment and shelves with grease and buildup. Observed grease buildup on floors behind and around equipment. Observed that floors need repainting. Inspector: Thomas.

Oct. 25

➤ Portal Elementary School, 328 Grady Street Portal  

▲ Score: 99

Observed food debris in bottoms of reach-in coolers. Inspector: Thomas.

➤ Portal High School, 27245 Highway 80 West, Portal  

▲ Score: 99

Observed grease and buildup on floors behind equipment. Inspector: Thomas.

➤ Shogun Hibachi Grill & Sushi Bar, 609 Brannen Street Unit #5 

▲ Score: 90

Observed three handwashing sinks with dishes, dumped drinks and scrub pads inside. Handwashing sinks are to be used only for handwashing. They cannot be used as dump sinks or have dishes placed or washed in them. Observed bulk storage of sugar, flour and rice without lids on the bins. All foods must be covered. Inspector: Jump.

Oct. 26 

➤ Hunter Cattle Company, 934 Driggers Road, Brooklet  

▲ Score: 100

Inspector: Jump.

➤ Ralph's Diner, 3059 Northside Drive West  

▲ Score: 98

Observed minor debris in bottom of reach-in cooler/freezer. Observed dust buildup on vent hood filters. Inspector: Laura Robinson.

➤ Southeast Bulloch Middle School, 9124 Brooklet-Denmark Highway, Brooklet  

▲ Score: 99

Observe debris on floors behind equipment. Inspector: Thomas.

Oct. 27

➤ Cane Pole Kitchen, LLC, 8286 Highway 80 East, Brooklet  

▲ Score: 95

Observed debris on can opener blade. Wash, rinse and sanitize food contact surfaces routinely. Observed keys and personal drink not in designated employee area. Inspector: Laura Robinson.

➤ Eagle Health & Rehabilitation, 405 South College Street  

▲ Score: 98

Observed worn and grooved cutting boards. Observed buildup on floors under and behind equipment. Inspector: Thomas.

➤ Eagle Nutrition, LLC, 23669 Highway 80  

▲ Score: 99

Observed single-service items not protected from contamination. Inspector: Thomas.

➤ Stilson Elementary School, 15569 Highway 119, Brooklet  

▲ Score: 100

Inspector: Robinson.

➤ The Saucy Shrimp, 12218 Highway 301 South  

▲ Score: 91

Observed cooling foods tightly wrapped with cling wrap before reaching 41 degrees F. Use rapid cooling method to completely cool foods before covering. Observed shrimp thawing without running water at the prep-sink. Frozen items must either be thawed under refrigeration or in a cool running water bath. Place the item in a container that fits and will overflow into the sink or use a standpipe. 

Observed scoops without handles stored in contact with food in bulk storage. All scoops must have handles and be stored so handle is not in contact with food. Repair floors in walk-in cooler and freezer. Raw wood must either be sealed or painted. Floor slippery throughout kitchen with water holding in some areas. Clean all floors, walls, ceilings and equipment to be free of debris, oil buildup and water. Repair broken tiles behind cook line. Inspector: Jump.

➤ The Saucy Shrimp-Mobile, Highway 301 South  

▲ Score: 91

Observed food items tightly wrapped with cling wrap before reaching 41 degrees F or below. Observed shrimp thawing in standing water in sink. Frozen foods must be either thawed under refrigeration or be thawed under cool running water. Either use a container that fits and will overflow into the sink or use a standpipe. Observed scoops without handles stored in bulk food storage. Scoops must have handles and be stored so that handles are not in contact with food. Repair floor in walk-in cooler and freezer. 

Unsealed wood must be finished or painted. Clean floors behind and under equipment. Clean up spills in walk-in and food storage areas. Repair damaged tiles. Inspector: Jump.

Oct. 28

➤ Captain D's, 304 South Main Street  

▲ Score: 94

Observed debris on can opener blade. Wash, rinse, sanitize between use. Observed debris on freezer floor. Observed debris in bottom of microwave. Observed debris and buildup on floors. Observed cell phone on counter not stored in designated area. Inspector: Robinson.

➤ Vera's Kitchen, 2855 Northside Drive West  

▲ Score: 95

Observed debris on can opener blade. Wash, rinse, sanitize between use. Observed minor debris in microwave. Inspector: Robinson.

➤ Wing Maxx, 127 Northside Drive East  

▲ Score: 98

Observed debris on freezer and walk-in floor. Observed grease/dust buildup on vent hood covers. Inspector: Robinson.

Oct. 31

➤ D.P. Dough, 1550 Chandler Road Suite A  

▲ Score: 90

Observed non-potentially-hazardous foods in prep top cooler with internal temperatures of 50-58 degrees F. Foods discarded. Discontinue use of cooler until repairs are made. Call Ms. Robinson at the health department to re-inspect cooler once repaired before using. Observed debris on bottom of reach-in coolers. Observed debris on freezer floor. Observed debris on microwave plate. Inspector: Robinson.

➤ Pineland Bulloch Adult Day Services/New Beginnings, 515 Denmark Street Suite 1800  

▲ Score: 96

Observed hand sink without paper towels. Inspector: Thomas.

➤ William James Middle School, 18201 Highway 80 West  

▲ Score: 99

Observed buildup on floors under and around equipment. Inspector: Thomas.

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