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Brandee Blythe, Brenda Rawls named employees of month at East Georgia Regional Medical Center
Brandee Blythe
East Georgia Regional Center Employee of the Month Brandee Blythe is shown with the OR team.

Brandee Blythe and Brenda Rawls were named the November and December Employees of the Month at East Georgia Regional Medical Center.

Director of Marketing Jaime Riggs made the announcements in an email.

Brandee Blythe has been part of the team at EGRMC for over 15 years.  Brandee was nominated by her colleagues for her great work ethic, sense of ownership, her commitment to providing quality service and her positive attitude while supporting her fellow OR team members.

One nomination describes Brandee as, “having a calm, reassuring manner temperament that helps patients feel at ease and safe. She is very good with new employees throughout their training process as well as assisting coworkers with any support/issues.” 

“Brandee is very caring and creates a positive environment for her patients and coworkers, even during very stressful situations. Brandee has a sense of ownership for her area and helps in any way possible maintaining a calm level headed attitude at all times,” another added.

A colleague stated, “Brandee always advocates for patient safety and communicates well. After 15+ years here she is a shining example, her two specialties, eyes and ortho, are not favorites of most people, and she keeps them running like a well-oiled machine.”

Brenda Rawls has worked for EGRMC for over 35 years. Brenda was nominated by her colleagues for her outstanding, positive attitude, her stand fast sense of ownership, her commitment to providing quality service and her dedication to supporting her fellow Wound Care Center team members.

Brenda Rawls
East Georgia Regional Medical Center Employee of the Month Brenda Rawls is shown with her colleagues in the Wound Care Center.

A colleague stated, “The first thing anyone can recognize about Brenda is her positive attitude. No matter what, she always has a smile on her face and a "Can-Do" attitude. She's always there with an On-Stage presence. Second, Brenda is always willing to step up, and do what needs to be done. She has always been the person in the Wound Center to fill a need when someone is absent.” 

Director Stacy Hutchinson adds, “I'm sure Brenda has seen quite a bit of change over her 35 years here, but it's usually still something that staff struggle with. As a leader, I have a tendency to be disruptive to "how things have always been done" and I look for opportunities to improve processes. Brenda is agile and accommodating, and takes it as it comes. One of the things that probably impresses me most about Brenda is that after 35 years in a particular organization, most people don't have the same passion, enthusiasm and energy. I don't know what Brenda was like as an employee 35 years ago, but if her enthusiasm for EGRMC, and our patients have diminished, you would never know.”

“Brandee and Brenda are valuable assets to our team at EGRMC,” CEO, Stephen Pennington adds, “They have dedicated their time and energy to being great team members. Both Brandee and Brenda model our mission to provide quality healthcare services in a safe and compassionate environment to every patient, every time, always.”

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