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Bikes for sale
GSU selling bicycles abandoned on campus

When thousands of students leave the Georgia Southern University campus each May, dozens and dozens of bicycles are left behind. So, for the first time, Georgia Southern will conduct a used bike sale to raise funds for university programs. 
    The first part of the sale will take place today at the old Apex club on Old Register Road, where GSU faculty and staff can purchase bikes between 1:30 and 4 p.m. On Wednesday, the public will have a chance to buy bikes between 1:30 and 4 p.m. Bikes are priced at $15, $30 and $50. Only cash is accepted and all sales are final.
    “The past four years, Georgia Southern has donated all of the abandoned bikes to Goodwill,” said Christian Flathman, director of Marketing and Communications at GSU. “This year, university housing officials decided to first conduct a sale to potentially raise money to support student activities and programs in housing.”
    Following the end of the academic year and move out date, students received notification that bikes or other items left behind would be considered abandoned and would become property of Georgia Southern. When the students received the original notification, they were given the option to pick up a tag and tag their bike if they did not want to leave it behind. 
    “We had quite a few students get tags and those bikes were bypassed during the clean up,” Flathman said.
    With the advance notice, university housing officials collected bikes not tagged, and those will be sold today and Wednesday. 
    “This the first time that we have held this type of sale, but the university's Auxiliary Services division, which is holding the sale, has received quite a bit of interest,” Flathman said.
    Sales will be conducted on a first-come, first-serve basis and all profits will be used by GSU housing to fund student activities and programs.
    Thomas Bekkers, a recent graduate of GSU, said, “I think the program is a great idea. It cleans up the campus and allows people a chance to get a cheap bike. If you’re going to leave the bike, then you don’t deserve it.”
    Some students on campus back the program for the opportunity to buy a good bike and believe students who left bikes should have taken better care of them.
    “I think most people who left their bikes are just lazy and didn’t want to deal with picking them up, so now it’s a good idea for those who need a bike, especially since Walmart bikes are $150 or more,” said Greg Bekkers, a student at GSU. “It’s an easy way to get a good bike for less.”

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