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Authorities offer tips for celebrating new year safely
Use common sense when lighting fireworks
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Soon it will be 2019, and many of us will spend New Year’s Eve at parties or other social gathering, ringing in the new year while saying farewell to the old.

The point of celebrations is to have fun, but amid the revelry, it is wise to observe safety precautions and not let carelessness or poor judgment ruin the party.

Common sense habits when using fireworks can mean the difference between a Happy New Year and disaster. Advice from Internet website suggests only using fireworks outdoors, follow directions on the product label, and wear safety glasses when setting off explosive novelties.

Look up local laws and follow them. Statesboro Police Community Information Specialist Madison Warren reminds people in Georgia that the curfew for setting off fireworks on New Year’s Eve is 1 a.m.; an hour later than usual.

Fireworks have been legal in Georgia for a few years now, and calling the police during legal hours to complain about the noise may not be much help, since it is now acceptable by law for your neighbors to fire off some loud and brightly colored explosive – as long as they don’t go past the curfew.

Keep a bucket of water handy in case of unexpected fires, and remember, fireworks and alcohol don’t make a good combination, she said.

Alcohol consumption, including champagne at midnight, is a tradition for some on New Year’s Eve. According to Internet website, it ios a good idea to have a designated driver ready to roll when the party is over, and to know when to stop drinking.

If you plan to consume alcoholic beverages, leave your keys with someone responsible, and if you host a party, keep an eye on friends and make sure they do not drive while inebriated, the site suggests.

“Call a taxi or Uber,” Warren said.

Not everyone will be partying New Year’s Eve. Local police, state troopers and deputies will be out in full force, checking drivers for safety and sobriety, accordinfg to local law enforcement leaders.

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