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Alice follows the White Rabbit to the Boro
Puppet performance set for Friday at Averitt
W Alice in Wonderland
Bits N Pieces Puppet Theatre will bring Alice in Wonderland, to the Emma Kelly Theater for a Family Night Out Friday at 7 p.m. - photo by Special

Bits N’ Pieces Puppet Theatre will bring the beloved children’s classic, “Alice in Wonderland,” to the Emma Kelly Theater for a Family Night Out Friday at 7 p.m. 

This original musical production features a combination of talented actors, puppeteers and giant 9-foot-tall puppets as it brings a new dimension to the world of live theater. Program Director Tony Phillips said that he has been eager to bring this “exciting performance” to the Averitt Center for many years.

“The show brings the excitement of live theater, but also enhances the performance through the magic of life-sized puppets,” Phillips said. “Bits N Pieces is a reputable theater company that genuinely strives to inspire today’s youth to never stop reaching for their dreams.”

The well-known plot follows Alice as she escapes the “boredoms” of her world and travels to a magical place, filled with bizarre characters and outlandish adventures. Lavish costumes and giant puppets dance and sing throughout Lewis Carroll’s mythical setting.

However, Alice soon finds that the fun of her new world is not as enchanting as she once dreamed. On her pursuit to hopefully get some answers from the White Rabbit, Alice meets more oddities – from a philosophizing caterpillar to the Mad Hatter’s puzzling tea party. The more she encounters, the farther from reality she becomes.

In the end, Alice learns a valuable lesson in self-reliance and the importance of believing in one’s self in order to tame the comic nonsense of the Queen of Hearts, the Cheshire Cat, and Wonderland’s other unpredictable residents.

“This performance is a great show for the entire family,” Phillips said. “You’ll have the opportunity to relax and be entertained by brilliantly-made puppets while enjoying the tale of a familiar childhood favorite.”

Tickets for "Alice & Wonderland" are $10 for adults and $5 for youth. To reserve your seats, visit the box office Tuesday-Friday from noon to 5:30 p.m. Tickets also may be purchased by calling (912) 212-2787 or by logging onto our website at


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