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Welcome to the month of green and celebrate
Fun with the Family
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Happy March! The month of all things green. Celebrate that time of year when shades of green are a welcome sight, returning as new life on the lawn and adorning the trees and shrubs in the yard, too. Look for four-leaf clovers and make a habit of spotting new blossoms to welcome the coming of spring. Enjoy a month of celebrating with unique family festivities or try out some of the wacky, but real holidays below.   

➤ Something On a Stick Day — Just when you thought you’d heard of every holiday, one comes along that surprises you! Snack on a corn dog today or treat yourself to a frozen dessert on a stick. Or, create your own meal with wooden skewers purchased from the grocery store and a buffet of items like chunks of deli meat, firm chunks of fruit selections, raisins, raw vegetables, steamed vegetables or any other creative item you can think of that will thread onto a stick. 

➤ National Umbrella Month — For much of the southeastern United States, it’s been an umbrella celebration for weeks now! Turn the holiday into a craft day and decorate a new umbrella using acrylic paints and stencils. (Acrylic paint works best for nylon umbrellas, but consider the fabric of your umbrella before purchasing craft paint.) 

Add your name or paint flowers or shapes to personalize an umbrella for each person in the family. Read books like "The Big Umbrella" and "Who Likes the Rain?" 

➤ Middle Name Pride Day — Take time today at the dinner table to talk about everyone’s full names. Share how each child got his or her first and middle names. If you don’t know the middle names of extended family members or friends, make a plan to find out some of those names, just for fun, sometime this month.

➤ National Let’s Laugh Day — It’s been said that laugher is healing to the body, and, well, it’s just plain fun, too. Check out joke books from the library or watch funny movies together on television. Make up a few riddles or try out some knock-knock jokes. Laugh a lot this month! 

➤ International Day of Awesomeness — Celebrate the awesomeness of every person in the family! Take turns spotlighting each person in a round-table discussion and have other family members tell what they think is awesome about that person. 

Then let each person pick something they like to do — play board games, take in a movie at the theater, go for a hike — and incorporate sometime this month every person’s suggested activity to celebrate that person’s awesomeness. 

Have fun celebrating the love of family all month long with laughter and play time and dancing in the rain with umbrellas. Give thanks for the gift of family and treasure those times spent together. Make a mountain of memories in March!

Statesboro native Julie Lavender, author of the forthcoming 365 Ways to Love Your Child: Turning Little Moments into Lasting Memories, loves celebrating anything and everything with family members David, Jeremy, Jenifer, Adam, Benaiah, Jeb Daniel and Jessica.

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