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'Two Cooks in the Kitchen'
Register women publish favorite recipes in new cookbook
W cookbook 1 - Version 2
Buford Brannen, left, and Nan Rushing spent more than a year compiling the recipes found in their new cookbook, "Two Cooks in the Kitchen." - photo by CHARLES CRAVEY/correspondent

    A "Two Cooks in the Kitchen" book signing will be held at Medical Center Pharmacy, 57 Granade St., beginning at 10 a.m. Tuesday. Both authors, Nan Rushing and Buford Brannen, will be present. Books are $15.

Nan Rushing and Buford Brannen, both of Register, have published a new cookbook that is simple and unique.
    The two have been friends for more than 60 years. More than a year ago, they decided to put together the best cookbook possible.
    “It was sort of therapeutic for us to put this book together,” Brannen said. “We spent over a year in the kitchen cooking together, trying old recipes and new ones, and came up with what worked best for us. We both love to cook and experiment but do not consider ourselves to be experts. This book is not a new and innovative cookbook, but a collection of our favorites.”
    “We used to entertain a lot in our homes and wanted a book that had simplistic recipes where you don’t have to rush out and buy some strange spices before you cook,” Rushing added. “We wanted to keep each recipe simple and good. We literally went through hundreds of old cookbooks, trying each recipe to see if any would measure up to our expectations.”
    Rushing ordered a publishing kit from Cookbook Publishers Inc., in Lenexa, Kan., and both ladies began the arduous task of filtering through their collections of recipes and selected their favorites for publication.
    “Cookbook Publishers Inc. was honored to publish ‘Two Cooks in the Kitchen,’ and on a personal level, I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such amazing ladies,” said Rachel Turner, a customer service professional with the company. “Just like Nan and Buford, the cookbook is truly beautiful inside and out, and it will be enjoyed in the kitchens of families for many years to come.
    “Recipes in this book are like recipes from home,” she added. “Some are classic favorites and some are unique, but all are tasty and inviting. The entire book is infused with love, inspiration, faith, wisdom and memories — with a dash of humor. The refreshing charm of both Nan and Buford shines so bright on every page.”
    Rushing’s son, Delmas Rushing III, told the ladies that they needed something unique and different for the cover, so he designed a cover for them, which includes the faces of Rushing and Brannen.
    “Cooking together in the kitchen with Buford has brought back a lot of happy memories from our past,” Rushing said. “It actually helped us to devise new recipes we had never tried before.”
    Rushing and Brannen have had recipes appear in Farm Journal and Progressive Farmer magazines through the years. Rushing’s first award was as a student at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in Tifton, where she entered a baking contest and won first place in the state. She created a cake using peanuts (a requirement of the contest). Progressive Farmer picked up on it, and Rushing’s cooking career was off and running.
    “One reason we’ve enjoyed doing the cookbook is because the recipes helped us remember people we miss from the past who made us happy,” Rushing said.
    “Two Cooks in the Kitchen” is being sold for $15 and is available for purchase at the Medical Center Pharmacy, Forest Heights Pharmacy, The Warehouse on South 301, Styles by Juanita on Hill Street and the Nevils Beauty Shop.
    A book signing will be held beginning at 10 a.m. Tuesday at Medical Center Pharmacy, 57 Granade St. Proceeds will benefit missions.

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