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Trinity Christian: TOMMY DOAN
Class of 2022 Valedictorians
Tommy Doan
Tommy Doan

Ready for a summer of relaxing and enjoying himself before buckling down as a university freshman in the fall, Trinity Christian School valedictorian Tommy Doan just completed a challenging year filled with advanced placement courses. He is ready for the next step, he said. 

Doan plans to follow in his older sister Jenny’s footsteps in becoming a nurse anesthetist or nurse practitioner.  With a penchant for math and a strong background in advanced placement challenges, he feels, “God gave me intelligence so I can help other people.” Having compassion for others and seeing how his sister enjoys working in the medical field, he feels it is a good choice for himself. 

Climbing to the top of his class hasn’t been easy, but perseverance and a great support system helped, he said. 

“I thank my parents and sisters for supporting me, and my teachers for helping me understand the subjects,” he said. 

Those subjects include AP calculus, chemistry, physics,  and English and literature. He also excelled in honors chemistry.

Mathematics is his favorite subject.  

“It is easier to understand," he said. “There are rules to go by and you don’t have to be subjective.” 

Doan competed on his school’s math team for two years. 

“Tommy is an exceptionally hard-working, generous student with a great sense of humor,” said Donna McKenna, Doan’s math and science teacher. 

The 18-year-old has been a Trinity Christian School student since kindergarten. He plans to remain close to his Statesboro home by attending Georgia Southern University, and majoring in nursing.  

In addition to his older sister, Jenny, he also has a half-sister, Jessica. His parents Tam and Lan Doan are both local business owners. Tam owns the small shopping center that includes Nikkos restaurant, which he previously owned. Lan owns and operates Orchid restaurant, where Tommy often enjoys helping his mother prepare foods, he said. 

“I usually am there on Sundays, helping chop vegetables, (and I) make the soup and shrimp sauce,” he said.  He does a little cooking too, on occasion, but his specialty is sushi. “You could say I am the sushi person” at Orchid, he added. 

When not studying or working with his family, Doan likes to keep himself fit. 

“I like to exercise and stay healthy,” he said.  

Jogging around his home or at Mill Creek Park is one of his favorite activities. 

“I also like to use the exercise machines at the park. They give you a little extra,” he said, adding that he lifts weights at home, but plans to join a gym this summer. 

Doan likes to express his creative side by building and painting model cars and people. The different model kits and bright color schemes reflect his interest in life-size motor vehicles. 

“I like driving,” he said. 

As for the model people, he and his stepfather have built armies of miniatures, designing them with different clothing, weaponry and accessories, then creating scenarios and environments. 

“We created a mountaintop and icebergs,” he said. He also enjoys using his creativity to bring the characters to life. “You get to choose which heads they have, what clothes, guns.” There are model kits available that allow one to create just about any type of person, he added. 

In other free moments Doan enjoys reading, especially science fiction novels. 

About to move from one phase of life to a new one, Doan has some sage advice for younger students approaching their senior year: “Don’t procrastinate on your homework,” he said with a laugh. “And give the glory to God.” 

Doan said he looks forward to enjoying the summer in preparation for college, and hopes to get fully involved with the university experience and join a fraternity. 

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