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Thinking of God with Henry Beaulieu: Looking at the meaning of 'skull crushing seed'
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Henry Beaulieu

Genesis 3:15 - “And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed; he shall crush your head and you shall bruise his heel” (Genesis 3:15).

God’s movement against the ravages of sin began even as the first attacks by Satan had commenced. When there should have been immediate judgment upon Adam and Eve’s sin, God instead promises grace through the work of their savior.  

Eve’s seed is Christ. How do we know that? Genesis 11 carefully traces the lineage of Abraham all the way back to Adam and Eve. Matthew 1 then traces Christ’s ancestry back through King David all the way to Abraham. Do you see the connection? Jesus is the true seed of Eve!

  Where does this idea of “crushing” Satan’s head come to fruition? At the cross! In the Bible, the word “head” can symbolize the seat of power for a nation (Isaiah 7:8) or the federal representative of a people (Ephesians 1:22 and 5:23). 

Hence, when God speaks of crushing Satan’s head, the Lord means to destroy Satan’s power over this world. Jesus, in speaking of his death and resurrection in John 12:31-32 said, “Now is the judgment of this world; now is the ruler of this world cast out. And if I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men to myself.”  

Of note as well, the word Golgatha means “skull hill.”  Thus, as Christ is lifted up on the cross, his heel symbolically rests on the head of the great dragon, Satan himself. Hence the “skull crushing seed of Eve” (Gen 3:15) defeats the great enemy, so that you and I might be given liberty from sin and its curse. The proof that Christ was perfectly obedient in his life, that his sacrifice at the cross satisfied the justice of a holy God, and that his people are no longer subject to sin, death and the devil …. the proof of all these things (and more) is that God raised him from the dead and has given him as King over all creation.  

I’ve been in the U.S. Army for 33 years and half that time, I’ve served as a military chaplain. As I’ve traveled around the world with various units, young soldiers inevitably ask, “Chaplain B, what’s the difference between Christianity and these other religions?” 

  I’d answer, “Other religions teach you to be as good as you can, and maybe you’ll get to God or paradise. Christianity teaches that we can never be good enough since we’ve sinned against a gloriously holy and perfect God. 

However, knowing this to be the case, God took on flesh in the person of Jesus Christ and he met his own standard on behalf of all who trust in him.  He crushed the power of Satan at the cross.  And by faith, not works, you can be reconciled to him.”   


Henry Beaulieu is associate pastor at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Statesboro.

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