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Valedictorians 2023
Jaydin Lewis
Jaydin Lewis

Great teachers who have offered help when it was needed have made STEAM valedictorian Jaydin Lewis’ senior year wonderful. She has attended STEAM for her entire high school career.

A driven person, Lewis, who is the daughter of Katy and Patrick Lewis, says what pushes her to do more and to do better is the fact that she wants good opportunities in life. 

She is an honor graduate who says she loved pre-calculus because it was “the easiest to understand and do.” She says she didn’t have a class that she liked the least, but if she had to pick, it would be Advanced Composition.

“That is because I have had a harder time in English classes most of my life,” she said.  

Lewis is a creative person, and is looking at careers in cosmetology and echocardiography. 

“I would like to go into cosmetology because I am a creative person. At the same time, I would like to go into echocardiography for financial security,” she said. 

Lewis says she hasn’t always known what she would choose for a career, and has had lots of ideas about that since she was a small child. 

“I have come to decide between these two for now,” she said. “A friend actually suggested cosmetology to me. As for echocardiography, my dad has gone back to college and suggested that if I am not sure what to do for college, that it would be a great option.”

Whatever she chooses, Lewis is looking forward to furthering her education and the independence it will bring her. She says she hasn’t applied for any scholarships yet because she hasn’t decided on her career path. Whichever path she chooses, Lewis says her goal is to always remain creative and have that outlet. 

“I want to first gain a degree where I can earn a livable wage so that I can have the freedom to pursue my interests later. I would also like to go (Ogeechee Tech) because it is close to home,” she said. 

Lewis has won numerous awards for her art. She is a talented young lady, having won third place at Beta Convention for her sculpture, fourth in fiber arts, and first for recycled art. She is interested in creating three-dimensional art. 

“I am interested in artsy things such as paper and cloth mache sculpture and crocheting. I’m also interested in martial arts. I’ve taken Hapkido and am currently taking Krav Maga. I’ve also been active in Girl Scouts since first grade,” she says. 

Lewis says she hasn’t had a mentor or hero per se, but she’s grateful for those who have stepped up and been there for her.

“I don’t have a particular hero or someone I look up to like that, but there are many people in my life that have helped me along the way,” she said. 

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