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Snow day in the Boro
Rare weather brings mix of trouble, fun
W 010318 SNOW 03
Pedestrians and motorists carefully make their way down North Main Street Wednesday.

    Instant children. Just add snow.

Area residents enjoyed a brief dalliance with the white fluffy stuff this week, as snow flurries covered the Boro Wednesday. 

It wasn't all fun and games, as there was a constant stream of accidents, mostly due to vehicles sliding on slick inclines. There were more than 25 crashes, but no fatalities or serious injuries reported. 

Schools were closed both Wednesday and Thursday. Roads were closed on the south side of town due to icy conditions and accidents. 

Social media was flooded with photos of locals enjoying the rare occasion, building snowmen and having snowball fights. There were also pictures taken showing the snowfall  throughout the area.

There were mixed reports on how much snow actually fell, with some saying as little as 1 inch and some claiming as much as 4 inches.

The sun came out late Wednesday afternoon, however, melting much of the snow and ending the fun.   

The last time snow fell in the Boro was 2010.

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