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Right on target
Linda Stephens shooting for Olympic glory
W 041212 GSU ARCHERY 01
Wearing a Junior Olympic Archery Development ring, Linda Stephens, 20, of Ludowici practices with the Georgia Southern University Archery team.
As she slowly, confidently stretches tight a chord on her competition-style recurve bow — which seems more an extension of her body than inanimate object — and stands poised to fire, it is difficult to know for sure the thoughts that pass through Linda Stephens’ mind. While on a grass field, tucked just off of the road at Georgia Southern University’s Recreation Activity Center, and facing a multi-colored target more than 50 meters away, she is almost certainly calculating wind speed and trying to determine the perfect angle for release. But somewhere, in the back of Stephens’ mind, another thought must linger — an idea that persists and factors into every move, and every shot that she makes.
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