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Dont take safe driving for granted
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    Last week, I commented on the number of fatalities that our local Georgia State Patrol Post has experienced this year. This week, that number grew to 12 as of press time. The tragic irony is that one accident involved a Dougherty County Police Officer who was on his way to Savannah to participate in an exercise to reduce fatalities and improve traffic safety. If it can happen to someone who is trained to drive, as most police officers are, it can happen to us.  
    If you really think about it, the whole driving situation is really scary. We drive vehicles that weigh hundreds and thousands of pounds—most of which outweigh my little Saturn by several hundred pounds. Think elephant is to 18-wheeler as ant is to compact car. We drive these vehicles, barreling down the road toward each other at tremendous rates of speed only missing each other by inches. The margin for error is very slim.
    Since the margin for error is so very slim, we should devote our complete attention to the road. Instead, we allow ourselves to be distracted by activities like applying make up, smoking, eating, talking on the cell, text messaging, thinking about all the stuff we have to do and just plain daydreaming. Yet, doesn’t it really seem foolish to try to do all these things while we’re behind the wheel of a vehicle that has the potential to kill us or someone else’s precious loved one?  
    This week, I’m going to try to be more focused on my driving. I challenge you to do the same. If you really think about it, your life depends upon it.

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