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Enjoy the beauty of spring with loved ones
Fun with the Family

Spring in Statesboro is often a misnomer, with all the feels of early summer. But this year, cool temperatures ushered in the month of April with true springtime glory. Every shade of green possible with vibrant colors of blossoms and buds decorate the landscape, and we’ll just try to ignore the dusting of pollen that blankets the ground, too. As I’ve said before in this column, the month of April in Statesboro blesses the body’s five senses immeasurably, with scents of wisteria and Jessamine, soft grass on bare feet, beauty for the eyes to behold, songs from our feathered friends and delectable samples of early vegetables from the garden, promising more in the coming weeks. Spring is here! How beautiful and magnificent. Enjoy it to the fullest with family and don’t miss a moment of the glory!   

➤ Garlic Month — Combine this celebration with Garden Month and work together to make stir-fried vegetables for dinner. Heat 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil in a wok and add 2 teaspoons each of diced garlic and minced onion. Stir-fry for 5 to 6 minutes. Stir in 1 cup each of chopped broccoli, carrot strips, sliced zucchini and chopped cauliflower. Stir-fry 6 to 8 minutes, stirring occasionally. In a small bowl, stir together 1/2 cup of soy sauce and 1 teaspoon of cornstarch. Stir mixture into vegetables and cook for 2 to 3 minutes, or until sauce is thickened.  

➤ Library Week and National Library Workers Day — Write thank you notes for school librarians and/or public librarians to celebrate the day. Make sure to share with the librarian in the note what favorite books you’ve read recently. Deliver the notes in person and be sure to come home with more books than you can barely carry to read during the next couple of weeks to find some new favorites! 

➤ Submarine Day — Read about famous submarines online or from a library book you checked out; then make this fun craft for the holiday. For each submarine, you’ll need one empty paper towel tube and one empty toilet paper tube. Cut a hole in the center of the towel paper tube, the size such that the toilet paper tube will fit in snuggly. Cover the toilet paper tube with art paper; carefully cut through art paper for the previously-cut hole to be visible. Use some of the art paper, crumpled and wadded, to stuff into each end of the tube to give a rounded-end appearance. Cut a propeller shape from construction paper and glue on one end of the submarine craft. Cover the empty toilet paper roll with art paper, then tuck it in vertically to the hole you cut in the middle of the paper towel tube.  Tape a bendable straw into the toilet paper tube for a periscope.     

➤ Reach as High as You Can Day — Take a walk on a beautiful spring afternoon. While on the journey, talk about goals and plans and dreams for future accomplishments. A promotion for mom or dad? Straight-A’s for the next report card? Double the volunteer hours you serve for the next month? Talk about what it would take to reach those lofty goals and the steps needed to “reach as high as you can” for some of those plans. While on the walk, in age-appropriate fashion for the participants, climb trees with low branches or climb to the top of the slide at the park or climb into the back of dad’s pick-up truck. Stretch and reach as high as you can and make plans to reach lots of goals and accomplishments this month!   

➤ Hairstylist Appreciation Day — Just for fun, try out some new hairstyles. Take turns brushing, braiding and styling each other’s hair for a new look. What do you think? Is it a new, permanent do? Or just fun for the day, but not a chance of being seen in public with that style? Have fun with the hair and now to celebrate the day and be sure to snap a few pictures for the memory collection! 

Find much to treasure and celebrate every day this month, like the resurrection of our Savior and new life. Create unique memories and exciting experiences and fun times that your family will remember long after April disappears. Don’t miss a moment of the beauty! 

Statesboro native Julie Bland Lavender is married to David Lavender and enjoys celebrating with children Jeremy, Jenifer, Jeb Daniel and Jessica. 

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