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Do any of you need to see the doctor?
Thinking of God
seeing the doctor

In 1859, William Hunter wrote "The Great Physician now is near, The sympathizing Jesus; He speaks the drooping heart to cheer: 0 hear the voice of Jesus." 

Although Jesus didn't consider himself a "normal" physician, he healed many of the maladies afflicting those he met. More importantly, he saw himself as one sent to deal with the spiritual infirmities of men. He did this through his proclamation of the "good news" of God's love for men and his desire to heal (Luke 4:18-19).

Physicians consult available medical records and research for the best and most up-to­-date information regarding the treatment of patients.  When one visits his physician, he expects to get the very best the doctor and his staff have to offer in the way of knowledge and treatment.  Of course, some refuse to go to doctors under any condition. They may believe doctors are unreliable, or even "quacks" or frauds. It's sad when we have such little faith in human nature. Certainly no human doctor, or his information, is infallible. But there are competent men and women who are honest, and who take seriously their sworn allegiance to the Hippocratic Oath.

Furthermore, when we consider the spiritual healing power of Jesus, and the value of the word of God as spiritual medicine, we can have every confidence in our healing.

David, King of Israel, wrote, "O Lord, have mercy on me; heal me, for I have sinned against you" (Psalm 41:4). Spiritual healing involves the mercy of God in forgiving our offenses. In Matthew 9, Jesus said, in answering his critics' question about his association with people they saw as undesirables, "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick....” Spiritual illness is much more serious than physical illness. Again, Jesus said that the death of the physical body is to be feared less than the death of both body and soul  (Matthew 10:28).

Not everyone is aware or concerned about their need for spiritual well-being. Writing to his friend Gaius, the apostle John said, “...I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well” (3 John 2). Asa, King of Judah, who was stricken with a severe disease in his feet, “did not seek help from the Lord” (2 Chronicles 16:12). 

How tragic when ignorance and pride keeps us from the daily care of the one who is truly “the Great Physician.” Even though he did, it wasn't Jesus' primary goal to heal people physically by his miraculous touch and word. His main task was to provide healing for our spiritual diseases, which will lead to eternal death if not cured.

Will you visit the Doctor today? If you follow his instructions, he will make you well!

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