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Bridge 2/29
A wild leap on the extra day
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    As you are all aware, this is traditionally the day on which a woman may propose marriage to a man. It is also a popular day for employers because they get an extra day of work for no extra pay.
    Look at only the North hand in the diagram. You are the dealer with both sides vulnerable. What would be your opening bid?
    With only three losers (two spades and one club) and 20 high-card points, you could open two clubs, strong, artificial and forcing. But if partner replies two diamonds, the negative response, you would have to rebid three diamonds, which would carry the auction uncomfortably high.
    So, it is better to start with one diamond.
    At the table, during the Oswald Jacoby Swiss Teams in Dallas in March 2006, South responded two clubs, natural and game-forcing. What would you have rebid?
    What a surprise! You were sure someone was going to bid hearts. If partner has the club ace, you can probably make seven clubs. If, though, you bid four no-trump, Blackwood, and partner shows one ace, you won't know which one she has. Some partnerships would rebid five hearts, asking for aces, but telling partner to ignore the heart ace in her reply.
    However, I did something I had always wanted to do. I leapt immediately to seven clubs! When no one doubled, I told partner that at least I knew she had the trump ace.
    As you can see, my partner, Anda Enciu, had no trouble making the contract. Our opponents got there too, but with several more rounds of bidding.
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