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Bridge 2/27
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    While I was searching for a deal featuring Marilyn Johnson, a three-time world champion who died last year, I found two interesting defensive plays from the 1978 Spingold Knockout Teams in Toronto.
    After the simple auction ending in four spades, Marc Zwerling (West) led the heart queen. The declarer, Kyle Larsen, won with dummy's king, drew two rounds of trumps ending in his hand, and played a diamond toward the dummy.
    West could have risen with his ace and shifted to a club, but that might have been disastrous if South had started with a singleton diamond. Then declarer could have taken a ruffing finesse in diamonds. South would have led dummy's queen and ruffed away East's king, setting up the jack for a discard.
    So West played low, allowing his partner, Leslie Tsou, to take the trick with his king. No matter, because Tsou found the killing switch. What was it?
    That Toronto Summer Nationals will always be remembered for the Life Master Pairs victory by Mary Jane Farell and Marilyn Johnson, the only women's pair to take the title in its 78-year history.
    At trick five, East led his club jack. Declarer took the trick on the board and played a diamond to his 10, but West won with his ace and returned a club, giving his partner two club tricks. The defenders took two tricks in each minor to defeat the contract.
    On the very next board, Tsou was defeated by clever defense from Larsen and his partner, Mike Lawrence. Tune in tomorrow for that deal.
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