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Bulloch the beautiful
Statesboro Herald Photographer Scott Bryant shares some of his favorite photos from 2011.
W 011011 WEATHER 02
A street sign in downtown Statesboro evidences the freezing rain and sleet in Statesboro and Bulloch County in January. Shape, form and color produce a little story-telling detail. - photo by SCOTT BRYANT/staff

Some folks — far too many, honestly — think of newspapers as bearers of bad news. But life is full of beauty and wonder, and as a photographer, I strive to make images that help our community look at things in new ways. Usually, that means working to gain access to events and happenings that the average person may not be able to gain. Or waiting patiently and persistently to capture meaningful expressions or gestures by subjects that tell a story.
    Sometimes, though, moments can be subtle, and the world presents itself in ways that are symbolic. For instance, the way light strikes a face or an object. Or the way light casts shadows. Sometimes colors, shapes or textures interact with each other or contrast each other in surprising ways.
    These types of images evoke an emotion in the viewer, rather than convey the emotions of others. And there's certainly a place for these types of images in the pages of our newspaper. In fact, all of the pictures here have been published in the Herald in 2011, most of them on the front page. 
    Statesboro and Bulloch County are beautiful places to be. Just look around. It's all part of the story our community has to tell.

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