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Bulloch students shine at Regional Technology Fair
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    Bulloch County Schools hosted its Third Annual Regional Student Technology Fair Saturday, Jan. 26, at Julia P. Bryant Elementary School. This year’s event was sponsored by Dabbs, Hickman, Hill & Cannon LLC of Statesboro and was open to third- through 12th-grade students from area public, private and home schools. Students, competing either individually or in two-person teams, submitted 197 projects in 12 of the 13 eligible categories.
    All first-place winners will advance to the 13th Annual Georgia Educational Technology Fair at Macon State College March 9. They will join more than 500 first-place winners from among 13 technology categories held at the state’s 15 other regional fairs.
    More than 130 community volunteers from Georgia Southern University, Ogeechee Technical College, Bulloch County Schools and area businesses lent their expertise to judging and facilitating the event. Ryan’s of Statesboro provided a complimentary lunch for the volunteers, who worked for five hours reviewing entries and interviewing students leading up to the awards ceremony at 1:30 p.m.
    More than 300 family members and supporters filled the Julia P. cafeteria to honor student participants and winners. The first- through third-place winners in each category and age division are listed below.

Regional Student Technology Fair Winners

    3-D Modeling — 3–4 grade: 1st, Micah Darcangelo; 2nd, Brianna Aldrich; 3rd, Nicholas Lynch; 5–6 grade: 1st, Aubree Uelmen; 2nd, Noah Finch; 3rd, Cameron Perkins; 7–8 grade: 1st, Shawn Cepec; 11–12 grade: 1st, Sarah Brown.
    Animated Graphic Design — 3–4 grade: 1st, Kara Sivils; 2nd, Abbie and Madie Welch; 3rd, Marta Giron-Villatoro; 5–6 grade: 1st, Heidi Sawyer; 2nd, Katie Kollass; 3rd, Austyn Woods.
    Case Modification — 3–4 grade: 1st, Paige Jones; 2nd, India Harden; 3rd, Joshua Johnson; 5–6 grade: 1st, Madeleine Adams; 2nd, Jamie Cribb and Jesse Tu.
    Digital Photography — 3–4 grade: 1st, Madi Patrick and Lacey Crosby; 2nd, Andee Mackiewicz; 3rd, Sean Robertson; 5–6 grade: 1st, Kian Devine; 2nd, Kaleigh Mattos; 3rd, Nick Foreman and Hunter Brown; 7–8 grade: 1st, Nnedi Okafor; 2nd, Skye Moody; 9–10 grade: 1st, Joseph Stuckey; 11–12 grade: 1st, Hayley Mock; 2nd, Philadelphia Brewer; 3rd, Lindsay Bradley.
    Digital Video Production — 3–4 grade: 1st, Emma Kate DeLoach; 2nd, Landon Collins; 3rd, Sarah Bisso; 5–6 grade: 1st, Sloan Aubrey; 2nd, Brooks Stansel and Madelyn Wolfe; 3rd, Keylee Harmon; 7–8 grade: 1st, Nicholas Thorne; 2nd, Evan Amaral; 3rd, Jordan Robbins; 9–10 grade: 1st, Anji Li; 2nd, Joseph Stuckey; 11–12 grade: 1st, Beeka Regassa.
    Multimedia Applications — 3rd grade: 1st, Jordan Aycock; 2nd, Abigail Scarborough; 3rd, River Beasley; 4th grade: 1st, Gabriel Rowe; 2nd, Zach Patrick; 3rd, Rupabali Samanta; 5th grade: 1st, Karlye Mainer and Lily Burns; 2nd, Kailyn McDuffie and Kaitlyn Hodges; 3rd, Summer Smith; 6th grade: 1st, Jennifer Kang; 7th grade: 1st, Jackson Melton and Thomas Waters; 2nd, Marley Riner; 3rd, Amber Bacon.
    Non-Animated Graphic Design — 3–4 grade: 1st, Ansley Jackson; 2nd, Karly Ford; 3rd, Quailvayon Perkins; 5–6 grade: 1st, Sarah Reddick; 2nd, Michael Champion; 3rd, Jesse Tu.
    Non-Multimedia Applications — 3–4 grade: 1st, Riley Vasilatos; 2nd, Jacob Martin; 3rd, Andrew Girardeau; 9–10 grade: 1st, Anji Li.
    Project Programming — 5–6 grade: 1st, Davis Vasilatos; 7–8 grade: 1st, Noah Caplinger.
    Robotics — 3–4 grade: 1st, Tanner Brown; 5–6 grade: 1st, Davis Vasilatos.
    Technology Literacy Challenge — 3–4 grade: 1st, Lilly Lovell; 2nd, Andrew Girardeau and Matthew Perry (tie); 3rd, Rupbali Samanta; 5–6 grade: 1st, Zane Hawkins and Jesse Tu (tie); 2nd, Davis Vasilatos and Chichi Okafor (tie); 3rd, Kaleigh Mattos; 7–8 grade: 1st, Noah Caplinger; 2nd, Evan Amaral; 3rd, Nnedi Okafor; 9–10 grade: 1st, Anji Li; 11–12 grade: 1st, Kayleigh Dyches.
    Web 2.0 Internet Applications — 3–4 grade: 1st, Kate Lamb; 2nd, Christian Vescio and Ben Buckhoff; 3rd, Chandler Deal; 5–6 grade: 1st, Zane Hawkins; 2nd, Madison Martin; 3rd, Taylor Gilchrist and Brendan Jackson; 11–12 grade: 1st, Kayleigh Dyches.

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