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Weekly Whatup 3/17
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            This week, we’re going to start with an apology. Last week, I gave a quick review of the 2008-2009 basketball season for all our area teams. Outside of the Statesboro boys team, I guessed most squads were disappointed with the way things ended…wrong.

            The efforts of the Ladies of Bulloch Academy completely slipped my mind. The Lady Gators set a school record for wins in a season and made a run all the way to the Final Four. I ignored them like a hot chick might ignore my, “hello”.

            For that, I am truly sorry. The slight was in no way intentional. I also referred to Siena College as “the Stags”. They, are in fact, the Saints. I’ve fended off the thousands of phone calls and emails from both parties all week and survived to fess up to the mistake.

            Let’s see how many more people I can upset this week.



            This year may be one of the toughest brackets I’ve ever filled out.

            The problem is that during championship week I’m glued to the TV. Not to get a leg-up on the office bracket pool — in which I’ll rip out the hearts of my competitors without an ounce of mercy, taking a bite of the still beating organ while looking into their dying eyes — but because championship basketball is da best kinda basketball.

            Thus, come Sunday night I’m completely convinced that every team I’ve just seen is, at the very least, able to win in Round One of the tourney.       

I may be way off with these picks, or I may be genius. Read on at your own risk.



            First things first: Phil Simms gives the halftime speech of a lifetime and Morehead State beats Alabama State in the Opening Round. Count it!

            In the top half, the Lou should win easily, meeting Ohio State in the next round. The Buckeyes get a tough draw with the aforementioned Siena, but the game’s in Dayton — that should be noted.

            I’ve got Utah to beat ‘Zona and then, brace yourself, Cleveland State to beat Wake Forest. Yes, I am off my rocker.

            Down at the bottom, Michigan State and Southern Cal move on while Dayton beats West Virginia. Finally, I can’t friggin believe I did this, but here it is: North Dakota State beats Kansas. When you’re done laughing we can move on.

            In the Sweet Sixteen, Louisville, Utah, Dayton and Southern Cal advance.



            Connecticut will beat the SoCon’s Chattanooga. Sorry Mocs, you won’t be the first 16 to ever beat a one.

            I got BYU, Purdue and U-Dub moving on from there. Add Marquette, Missouri, Cal and Memphis and that’s an entire region upset free, which makes about as much sense as my picks from the Midwest.

            UCONN and Purdue should advance to the second round along with Memphis. Little Marquette shocks Missouri in Round Two.



            Pittsburgh will hammer are old friends from ETSU, facing a dangerous Tennessee team next. Florida State beats Wisconsin and Portland State, yes, that makes two 13-seeded Vikings in my second round, upsets Xavier.

            I got Virginia Commonwealth beating UCLA, ‘Nova topping American and Texas and Duke moving on.

            The Dukies, the Pitties and the Novies move on and I’m still feeling PSU, they knock off the ‘Noles.



            How many of you have UNC to win the title game? I would guess a good bit. They’ll ransack Radford to move on.

            I like Butler to beat LSU, Illinois to beat WKU and the Zags to get past Akron.

            Arizona State will escape tough Temple and the ‘Cuse will cut down Stephen F. Austin. Oklahoma moves on and Clemson will beat Michigan.

            Next four out of the South: Oklahoma, Arizona State, Gonzaga and UNC — although I believe Butler will give them a run for their money.

            So there they are — the picks that will make you as famous (or infamous) as they’ll make me.

            After a 6-2 week last week, now 123-94.