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Weekly Whatup 2.3
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Forgive me Father, for I have sinned — well, lied to be specific.

            I thought there wasn’t a popsicles chance in Hades that Super Bowl XLIII could live up to its predecessor and last week I proclaimed as much. But much like Phil Boyum’s hate of teachers and puppy’s, I was wrong.

            Sunday was a great football game, and, I dare say, it was better then the game played in 2008. How quickly we forget that the Giants and Patriots lulled us to sleep for three quarters before something actually happened.

            As for this past night in Tampa, it was good from the get-go. I had to bite the bullet and realize this contest would be far greater than any of us imagined. Furthermore, with no rooting interest, I found myself pulling for the Cardinals. Everyone likes Cinderellee, and since fellow sports writer Matt Yogus claimed it would be the greatest comeback/upset in the history of sport, I suddenly was in the middle of a room full of Herald staffers driving the Arizona bandwagon.

            In the end, the Steelers’ win wasn’t a downer for anyone with an unbiased observation of the game. I think it’s safe to say the better team won, did so in dramatic fashion capped by an amazing catch. What more could you ask for?

            Now the offseason for football officially begins and I’m thankful. I know we’re in a football-crazy nation, but what makes the sport so great is the anticipation of ‘next year’ — which for the college game comes into the spotlight on Wednesday — National Signing Day.


Recruiting mania

            Wednesday is a day which has evolved into a circus of over-speculation, intense hype and a little bit of insanity all over the place. It’s National Signing Day, a day in which college coaches and high school athletes let the nation know what the future holds for School A, School B and School C.

            For me, it’s a bit much. I’m of the argument that recruiting is a tad bit overrated. Sure, you can bring in a bunch of four-star recruits with all the fanfare and excitement, but how many of those kids pan out into their already-decided stardom. Conversely, some two-star kids could be coached up to become All-Americans. Anyone remember going gah-gah for some kid named Foster some years ago?

            Injuries, academics, character — who knows what will be become of these 18-year old men we put a heap of pressure on to choose an institution for our own selfish fanaticism.

            Wednesday will be a fun day, don’t get me wrong, we’re all looking forward to it — especially locally. At Statesboro, two Blue Devils will be making a choice and chances are they’ll continue to wear blue-and-white. While up the road in Twin City, five Bulldogs are planning on making an official announcement.

            Check Wednesday and Thursday’s Herald for complete coverage off all the ceremonies and hoopla.


Pro Bowl

            Am I really gonna predict the winner of the Pro Bowl? In all honesty, there’s not much else to be crystal-ballin’ about this week, so I guess I have to.

            Give the NFC some lovin’, 34-20.

            After a 1-0 week, 114-91.