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SBCPRD set to offer disc golf
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    In the coming months, Statesboro is about to offer a whole new kind of sporting experience.
    Through the efforts of the Statesboro-Bulloch Parks and Recreation Department and a local interest group, a 27-hole disc golf course will soon be available for all to enjoy.
    “This is huge for Statesboro,” Bulloch Disc Golf Club member Alex Todd said. “Disc golf is a sport that has a big following throughout the region. Statesboro has a lot of players, and getting our own course will fill a hole on the map.”
    The course will weave its way through about 50 acres of land between Mill Creek Road and the Statesboro Municipal Airport. The land is currently occupied by the Bulloch County Horseman’s Association and the two will co-op the facilities until the BCHA moves to a new location.
    A course to call its own has been a long time coming for Statesboro, but it will soon have a track to be envied by others. Todd — who played a big role in working with the SBCPRD and course designers — initially envisioned a standard 18-hole course.
    When the land and money became available, a 27-hole plan was decided on, making it the only course that large in a 100-mile radius.
    Course design is expected to be finalized next month with construction commencing immediately after.
    “When you think about it, a disc golf course is a no-brainer,” Todd said. “Compared to other facilities, the construction and maintenance of a disc golf course is much less expensive.
    “Disc golf is also very adaptable with the land that is necessary. A lot of sports would require a bunch of money to clear out and level big spaces. With this sport, hills and trees and rocks are part of the challenge.”
    For the uninitiated, disc golf has evolved drastically from the days of picking out a tree or bush in the distance and then flinging away.
    Disc golf has become a profitable and competitive industry, boasting several multi-million dollar companies that specialize in the sport.
    Huge tournaments are now popping up throughout the country and the new Statesboro course will lean on the design skills of Russell Schwartz, who had a hand in designing the course at Wintrhop University in South Carolina — home of the United States Disc Golf Championship.
    “We think that we’re going to have a great course,” Todd said. “The club in Savannah is working with us and is planning to help us open the course with a tournament.”
    Even if the new course lives up to its design and becomes an attraction for serious players, its overall purpose will still be to provide the community with a cheap way to get outside and have fun no matter their skill level.
    “The biggest thing is that we wanted to keep it free for everyone to use,” Todd said. “Disc golf is a true lifetime sport. Anyone at any skill level can have a great time.
    “And all it takes is to go buy a $20 set of discs. Some sports take a lot of time, money and practice. We know that people have a lot of obligations in their lives, so this will be a great way to have fun without worrying about time and money.”

    Mike Anthony may be reached at (912) 489-9404.