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Best yet to come
120310 SHS FOOTBALL 05 web
With temperatures dropping and steam rising from his head, Statesboro High running back Dequan Daniels watches the defense from the sidelines between offensive series.

    It’s an old cliché, but it really is a shame that someone had to lose that game.
    Statesboro did just about everything right in the second half of Friday’s semifinal loss, but sometimes, even the best effort just isn’t quite enough.
    The Blue Devils may have come up a bit short this season, but that shouldn’t take anything away from the thrills that they have brought throughout the year.
    After such a heartbreaking loss, it is difficult to see things in a bigger picture, but Statesboro’s run this season could be the start of another wave of Blue Devil dominance.
    With a slew of underclassmen stepping up into starting roles, this season wasn’t supposed to have as many high notes — and certainly not a trip to the brink of the state championship game.
    Most predicted that Statesboro could make the playoffs, but weren’t giving it much of a chance passed that. Many prognosticators even went so far as to predict that playoff foes Griffin and Kell would easily defeat the Devils.
    Statesboro made a living on doing more than what was expected of it in 2010, and with a solid core returning next year, there is plenty to look forward to.