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What are the odds?
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    So the million dollar question this week has become: “Will Georgia Southern make the playoffs?”
    If only it were that simple.
    The Eagles’ crushing defeat at the hands of those boys from Greenville has placed GSU squarely on the bubble. And a square on a bubble is never a good thing.
    Georgia Southern’s playoff hopes count on two things happening: a win Saturday at Colorado State and a committee writing 15 little letters onto a 16-team bracket.
    The first of those two may be a little easier than the latter. The Rams are 1-9 and haven’t looked very good getting there. Still, the Eagles have never beaten a “I-A” program in the modern era of football — no Florida International doesn’t count, didn’t then, doesn’t now. But if they happen to pull off the win Saturday in Fort Collins, here’s what the committee will most likely take into consideration Sunday at 3:30 p.m. on ESPNU.
    — What’s in a name? Like many great programs, Georgia Southern means you better recognize.
    Sixteen playoff appearances in the last 24 years means the public knows who Georgia Southern is. That means better TV ratings which means more money for the NCAA which means better Christmas presents for everybody. The name Georgia Southern is a heck of a lot more recognizable than, say, Colgate, or Norfolk State.
    — Strength of schedule. Contrary to popular belief, the Eagles have not played the toughest of opponents. Southern’s non-conference schedule — all wins for GSU to this point — has compiled a 13-28 record with four games to go.
    GSU’s SoCon opponents stand at 36-35 with six games left in the season and the Eagles’ three losses have come against teams with a combined record of 13-17. Not good.
    Add that to the fact that Southern’s three losses are against teams that have no shot at making the playoffs and one is against a team whose fans aren’t quite sure if they want to even continue its football program.
    A strong point for the blue-and-white is two quality wins against two teams who will likely be in the field of 16. The Eagles went to Boone and snapped a 30-game home winning streak against two-time defending national champion Appalachian State. They also went to Wofford and beat the Terriers. Both Wofford and App are still in the top 13 in the nation and — if the Appy’s don’t collapse this weekend at Chattanooga — will both be playing Thanksgiving weekend. That strengthens the ol’ resume.
    — Who else is there? The NCAA Championship Subdivision holds a 16-team playoff to award a national champion — a playoff, what a concept! Out of those 16 slots, eight are awarded to conference champions with automatic bids. Seven of those eight have been filled with the Colonial Athletic Associtoan yet to crown a winner. UMASS, Richmond, Delaware, Hofstra and James Madison all have a strong argument as to why they deserve to be in the mix.
    That means there’s only nine spots left — and by my calculations — 13 teams that have a realistic shot at filling those nine spots, including Georgia Southern.
    Eastern Washington, Southern Illinois, Norfolk State Colgate and Eastern Illinois look to be deserving at-large teams — along with the four teams left in the CAA who don’t get the automatic bid.
    Somebody deserving is going to be left behind.
    Let’s just hope it’s not the Eagles.
    Chad Bishop can be reached, but prefers not to be.