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SHS, SEB say goodbye to golf and tennis seniors
SHS golf

We continue to feature those seniors athletes who had their spring sports cancelled due to the closing of schools because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Statesboro boys golf team had finished in the top three the past three seasons, and this year’s senior class had a chance at making an historic four-year run before having their season come to a close. Blue Devil coaches Glenn Bailey and Thomas Miller had a chance to tell us a little bit more about seniors Mason Kleinlein, Hunter Brown and Stone Bailey,

“I've had the pleasure of coaching Stone Bailey, Hunter Brown and Mason Kleinlein in golf (in different capacities) since the boys were in the 7th grade at William James Middle School,” Bailey said. “They've grown so much in character and in golf ability since those early days. All of them played travel baseball at the same time they played golf. They decided to focus solely on golf around this same time.”

“These three men are very genuine,” Bailey said. “They speak the truth, and are always respectful. It has been my pleasure to be in their company so many times on the course, while watching them grow as men and develop into very good golfers. They have an admirable friendship and often hang out together on weekends.”

“As freshmen, these three young men were instrumental in placing second in the 5-A State Tournament. Freshmen don't often earn sporting letters, but these three guys did. The team also finished third in the 5-A State Tournament the following two years. They've won many tournaments over their careers, and have become very accomplished golfers.”

“There have been tournaments we've attended when I've heard teams say, "Oh no, Statesboro is playing in this tournament" as soon as they walked in the clubhouse,” Bailey said. “I'm saddened their season had to end the way it did this year. Because of the Covid Virus these gentlemen have missed their senior golf season, senior prom, graduation, and last but not least their senior classes at Statesboro High School. I know they will go on to do great things while being God fearing men that serve their communities well.” 

"Though the season was cut short, I had the opportunity to see these three young men take on a growing leadership role,” Miller said. “I asked to work with and mentor the younger golfers. I wish them all the best, and I know they'll be successful in their future paths due to their hard work and dedication in all they do."

The Southeast Bulloch tennis team had only two seniors on this year’s squad. Coach Rhonda Leggett tells us more about Maili Lester and Tyler Hunter.

“Mail was new to our team this year, but certainly put his whole heart into learning and bettering his game,” Leggett said. “He played football in his previous years at high school, and said he enjoyed being a part of a team and really wanted more of that, so he found himself at tennis tryouts. Mali was always asking us questions, and willing to do whatever was needed for the team. He was always one of the first to arrive, and one of the last to leave the courts. I  absolutely commend Mali for trying a new sport and giving his all to learn something new.”   

“Tyler is one of the many seniors who unfortunately had his season cut short due to the coronavirus,” Leggett said. “Tyler played second singles at SEBHS and had a record of 5-1 before the season ended. From a coach’s perspective Tyler is easily one of the most coachable kids that we have ever had.”

“He has a deep passion for FFA and was also at an FFA conference in Colorado for the first few weeks of practice,” Leggett said. “This did not obstruct Tyler’s progress on the court as it would most players. Upon returning, Tyler came to every practice with the right attitude and grew more and more every time he stepped onto the court. He always gave it 110 percent, and did everything that was expected. We are glad that we got a chance to coach such an outstanding, consistent, and hardworking gentleman.”

SEB tennis
SEB tennis