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Fisk to tee it up in Savannah
Steven Fisk
Former Georgia Southern golfer Steven Fisk tees it up during a practice round at last year's Korn Ferry Tour Club Car Championship at The Landings Club in Savannah - photo by JOSH AUBREY/staff

Georgia Southern senior Ben Carr has been grabbing headlines as he will play in The Masters in April and played this week in the Puerto Rico Open. Before Carr made his mark with a runner up finish in the 2022 U.S. Amateur it was another runner up finish that helped get another Eagle in the spotlight.  

Steven Fisk placed second overall in the 2019 NCAA men’s championship behind Oklahoma State’s Matthew Wolff, who is currently on the LIV Tour.  

Fisk’s career was delayed a bit by a nagging wrist injury, but after gaining partial status on the Korn Ferry Tour last year Fisk tied for 10th at the Korn Ferry Tour Qualifying Tournament in November and has full-time status this year. 

Fisk was in Savannah this week as part of a media event to promote the upcoming Club Car Championship which will be held March 20-26 at The Landings Club.  

He says after playing some events last year he feels much more confident. So far this season he has made the cut in three of the four Korn Ferry Tour events including a Top-20 finish in the last event The Astara Golf Championship in Colombia. 

“Knowing what I am getting into and knowing some of the towns where I will be playing gives me a little more comfort,” Fisk said. “I feel like last year I learned how to travel. I learned how to manage my time, and a lot of the mental stuff off and on the course.” 

The pressure on a professional golfer to succeed and secure a chance to play full-time on a tour can be huge. Entering the final round of the Q-School finals with so much on the line Fisk felt an unusual calm the night before he ended up shooting a 5-under 66.  

“You don’t always have a great feeling before a tournament, but that morning I had a feeling it was going to be a great day,” Fisk said. “I don’t know if that was a manifestation of what I hoped would happen, but I felt confident where my game was and I was able to execute a great gameplan and everything worked out.” 

Fisk says he feels healthy and rested and is ready for a really long year.   

“If you get beat up early and get behind the eight-ball it is tough to catch up,” Fisk said. “My focus is just to stay sharp and rested and to let the good golf come to me.” 

Fisk says he learned a lot more about himself off the golf course last year than he did on the course.  

“Learning how to be a professional, learning how to travel, and learning how to execute week after week is something you have to go through to understand,” said Fisk. “I think I am in a way better head space, and I understand what I need to do to be successful. I think if I go through this year calmly with a long-term view a lot of good stuff will come my way.” 

Next up for Fisk is the Club Car Championship which is held on the same course at the Landings in Savannah in which Fisk placed Top-10 just four months ago. 

“I love this course,” Fisk said. “The Korn Ferry Tour does a great job of finding us championship style courses to play. This place is one of them. If you want a golf course in which you have to come out and hit solid tee balls and set yourself up for second shots, this is the place.” 

Fisk has found time to keep up with how the Eagles are doing and is planning to move soon to the Augusta where he can also watch Ben Carr play in the Masters this year. Carr and Wilson Andress will both be a part of the PGA Canadian Tour after the season and Fisk thinks that is a great opportunity for them. 

“Obviously I saw how Ben did at the U.S. Am and the team had a great season,” said Fisk. “The one year I had Canadian Tour status was during COVID so we played in the U.S. but I think for them to have the opportunity to go and learn the things you need to learn to be successful on Tour, I think the Canadian Tour is the perfect spot to do that.”