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Spring coming to an end with growing pains
041010 GSU FOOTBALL 03
Georgia Southern fullback Brent Thomas, top, is pummeled as he takes the pitch during last Saturday's scrimmage at Paulson Stadium. - photo by SCOTT BRYANT/staff

            With one practice left before Saturday’s spring game, it’s all about putting it all together.

            The players on offense have learned how to run the triple option, they’ve been able to execute each phase of the play after the snap and they’ve done some good things with it.

            They just haven’t been able to do it all at the same time.      

            “We can’t get the back-side safety cut off when (the quarterback) gets through there and gets tackled for eight yards when it should have been a touchdown,” said first-year coach Jeff Monken. “We’ll do a good job on the perimeter when we’ll have a guy cut and we’ll crack-block and cut the guy down, but the quarterback can’t get the ball on the pitch, he can’t get off the read, or the mesh I should say, or can’t get it pitched off the number two. Ah, it’s just one of those things where not everything has gone right at the same time like it needs to.”

            Nobody expects the offense to look like a bunch of seasoned option veterans when the team takes to Paulson Stadium Saturday in the Blue and White game. The coaches just hope it will be another step in the right direction.

            “We’ll get there. ‘There’ is a long way away still, but we’ll get there,” Monken said. “You can see as you watch the film it’s got a chance. Just get a block here or the right read there, and we’ll have it.”

            The lack of execution, the fumbles and the missed reads haven’t stopped the offense from seeing some success, although the learning process on the defensive side of the ball has probably helped.

            “There’s flashes, and there’s been good plays out of certain positions at certain times. We’re just not putting it together,” Monken said after Tuesday’s practice. “Today was probably as good as it’s ever looked, but our defense lined up in a different front than they’ve been in most of the spring. We just kept running the same play and got the ball pitched, but it’s all relative.”

            The final practice at Beautiful Eagle Creek will take place without pads today at 3:45 p.m.

            Saturday’s Blue and White game will begin at 1 p.m. at Paulson Stadium.


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