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Getting back to business
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Georgia Southern receiver Alex Bradford grabs a touchdown pass from quarterback Jawaun Luckey during last Saturday's scrimmage at Paulson Stadium.

The Georgia Southern Eagles have one more chance in the spring to get the new systems down as they take to Paulson Stadium today at 1 p.m. for the final spring scrimmage of the camp in the annual Blue and White game.
The game will be four 15-minute quarters with a 10-minute halftime, and the teams are set up so the ones on offense can face the ones on defense, the twos can face the twos, and so on.
First-year coach Jeff Monken has spent the entire spring installing the triple-option offense, so to him, the spring game is as much for the players as it is for the fans.
"I'm excited for our kids just to have an opportunity in front of the crowd, to have people clap and appreciate what they're doing," Monken said. "I think they'll get excited about being in Paulson Stadium, and that attitude is one of the main things I'm concerned about. That should be special - let's go play like it is.
"I just hope to see guys compete, play hard, run around, have a good time, have fun, and hopefully there's going to be some good defensive plays and some good offensive plays. I hope to see some plays out of both sides. The Eagles are going to win on Saturday, so that's what's important."
For the White team, the backfield will consist of quarterbacks Jawaun Luckey and Brent Osborn, fullbacks Zeke Rozier and Brandon Nolley, a group of slotbacks that includes J.J. Wilcox and Nico Hickey, and a wide receiver group that includes Mitch Williford, Patrick Barker, Nick Kyles and Cole Gordon.
The offensive line includes Brandavious Mann, who will not play due to a foot injury suffered early in the spring, Jared Flowers, Brett Moore, William Maxwell and Chris Gray.
The Blue team defense is led by Brent Russell, Dion DuBose, Roderick Tinsley and Willie Burden up front, linebackers Josh Rowe, Tavaris Williams and Darius Eubanks, safeties Derek Heyden and E.J. Webb and cornerbacks Laron Scott and Hudson Presume.
Offensively, the Blue team is led by quarterbacks A.J. McCray and Russell DeMasi, fullbacks Tobi Akinniranye, Lee Banks and Brent Thomas, slotbacks Darreion Robinson and Johnathan Bryant and wide receivers Tyler Sumner and Jamere Valentine.
Offensive linemen include Josh Petkovich, Blake DeBartola, Jamical Tatum, Paul Gourdeau and William Maxwell.
The White team defense is led on the line by Javon Mention, Neil Harrell, Jack Whittle and Mike Veal, linebackers K.R. Snipes, Calvin West and A.J. Wright and in the secondary by Carson Hill, Evan Mattingly, John Stevenson and Michael Butler.
As expected, the offense has focused predominantly on option-based plays and the defense has been focusing on stopping them.
Today's scrimmage will be no different.
"We work on the option plays more than we do anything," Monken said, "so I hope that we'll get some mileage out of those plays."
Kicker Adrian Mora and punter Chris Willamson are among the special-teams players for the White team, and the Blue team includes punter Charlie Edwards and kickers Chris Rogers and Graden Bozeman.
Kickoffs are not expected, but the team will work on punting, field goals and extra points with a live rush.
NOTES: New GSU president Brooks Keel will serve as honorary coach in the scrimmage. He will be on the sidelines for the Blue team in the first half and switch to White in the second. ... Former Eagles Joey Cushing, Tim Durden, Tracy Ham, Greg Hill, Jessie Jenkins, Mel McBride, Fred Stokes and Kiwaukee Thomas will split up between the squads with four coaching each team.

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