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Soundoff 12/14
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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.
    "I was readin' your article in your Herald on Sunday about introducin' Erk Russell as the head coach at Southern when he came there, statin' that they ran across Highway 80 to get a football. Well, Highway 80 does not go by Georgia Southern. They must have meant Highway 67."
    "I saw in yesterday's Statesboro Herald that a congresswoman in Washington, D.C., had introduced a bill to impeach Bush, Cheney and Rice. That's the best news I've read in ages."
    "The Statesboro Herald must be infatuated with Cynthia McKenna. Every time Ms. Looney Tunes opens her mouth, you think somebody wants to read what she thinks, cares or proposes. I say when she's gone, good riddance. The air will be fresher."
    "This is to the person callin' about the cat missin … wearin' the fairy outfit. … Bad news he's missin', good news you ought to be able to spot a cat like that."
    "Yes, the governor may be a multimillionaire, but the rest of us taxpayers certainly aren't. And the services provided folks in Georgia are way beyond the payoffs. Y'all retired Georgia folks need to pay somethin' for your own health care insurance. No kiddin'. The rest of us can't afford you anymore."
    "Why does the Statesboro Herald keep printing pictures and comments of Jimmy Carter? Everybody knows he's senile by now. So, let's put a stop to that, okay?"
    "The caller this morning, Tuesday morning, talkin' about Gov. Perdue takin' health benefits away don't know what he's talkin' about. It's a shame you Democrats have to pick  ambiguous … threats in order to try to prove a point."
    "Why on Brooks Hendrix Road that the county allowed the constructor … contractor to go off in the road and then the county people has to pay for it? And it's not right when the county had the road fixed right, but the contractor did not pave it accordin' to the specs and all. Why is the 'ficials and manager  lettin' it get by?"
    "I would like to know what those women think about those men having an affair around Bulloch County … and have been caught having an affair. Think about those men that sell (stuff) so that woman can't get half of what she's deemed due. I think that he should just stand up and be a man and give her what's due."
    "How many times does a kid have to be sent home from school with head lice before somethin' is done about it? Please answer this for me, Bulloch County Schools."
    "Unfortunately, Mill Creek losing one good teacher is just the tip of the iceberg in comparison to the 15 plus or minus teachers that they have lost over the last year. Since the torch has been passed, it looks as though the flagship is sinking. Parents cannot be blamed for the problem. You should look deeper."
    "During this Christmas season, let's not forget to be servants. And to serve others. And remember how we are blessed and how we can use our blessings to help other people."
    "To the person who wrote in about Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jones, they … need to get a bible. The bible doesn't tell you to live together before you get married. It tells you to get married before you live together. So, don't just get the bible. You need to read it."
    "To the idiot that says we need to catch Osama bin Laden before we set up a base on the moon, think about it. The government has to do more than one thing at a time or we would never get anything done."
    "This is to Holli Deal. Please continue writing your wonderful human interest stories. I love each and every one of them and I deeply respect your love and compassion that you have for all of our four-legged friends."
    "To the people who think the Republicans are so great. The gas prices were down before the elections because they were hopin' to win again. Democrats won and the prices are up because of the Republicans. That shows how they control the prices. They do not believe in havin' a middle class. They want to wipe out the middle class and keep the rich richer and the poor poorer."
    'Let me ask a question. Why can't we have a quality daily paper in Statesboro? I'm talking about one that is valued for its journalistic competency. When people from outside our community read this paper, they must have quite an opinion of Statesboro. Would you want to move your business or family here if you read Soundoff? The most distressing fact is that when the editor arrived several years ago, improving the quality of the Herald's journalism was his stated goal. Well, Jim, we are waiting."
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