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January 26 - ... I just saw in the Statesboro Herald headlines where a 'Man ... beats woman with gui
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... I just saw in the Statesboro Herald headlines where a 'Man ... beats woman with guitar' and I was just curious as to ... do I need to register a guitar or can you get one that'll play more than seven songs or do you know what kinda legislation'll be enacted ... to ... help stop this? I 'preciate your patience. Bye.

This comment is t'wards the person ... talking about the Rocky Ford Police Department. ... If it is indeed ... business, it should be conducted ... between business hours ... not at night and every night. ... Thank you.

Twenty-five hundred times last year alone, legal gun owners stopped violent crime ... when confronted with it long before any police assistance arrived. ... You didn't know this ... because the main stream media doesn't find it worth reporting.

... For the person that keeps callin' in ... about a certain police officer in Rocky Ford ... on the police department: why don't they ... get out of their shell and quit bein' chicken ... and tell the city hall ... what they know and what they seen ... and get rid of the ... certain police officer? ... Duh!

I made two trips today from Hi ... Highway 301 ... to Highway 80 on the bypass. ... I got stopped by 20 red lights. That's two trips there and back. ... This needs to be addressed. We pay taxes. Please get somebody to fix it. ... It's ridiculous! Been long enough. Thank you.

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