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January 22 - Let's just suppose that all those who are running for president are called Christians
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Let's just suppose that all those who are running for president ... are called Christians. ... What determines a real Christian? Hasn't anyone ever read a Book, titled the Bible? ... It says all liars shall have their part in the lake of fire. ... Friend ... that's a place called hell. Now, all those politicians will lie, say anything to get elected. ... Whether Romney calls himself a Christian or a Mormon doesn't bother me. ... Just don't run on a atheist ticket. ... Thank you. You might just hear the truth. Thank you.

Today is Tuesday, January 17. I hope the Statesboro Herald ... reprints the article entitled, 'Man kill woman, then raped her teenage daughter' ... 15 years from now ... when this animal is scheduled to be executed and the peoples ... are crying over him ... and accusing the judicial system of bein' evil ... and worse.

Today is January 17th, 2012, and I was very surprised ... to see Paula Deen ... on the national news sayin' that she had had Diabetes 2 for the last two or three years. I can't believe that all those ... recipes that she gave out and ... and ... we knew where to go to get 'em. She never said to do anything that I've ever heard her say ... not to use or to use if you were diabetic. I am very disappointed. ... Thank you.

And this is for the 10 ... 10-year-old girls that wrote about ... that they should change the three wise men into three wise ladies. I think what the person told ... wrote about ... it sounds like it was wrote by a person 10, which means it's very childish. ... Grow up ... and if you are 10, you better stay off that phone. You're gonna get in trouble.