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January 20 - I guess the person who urges that our language is English and not Greek also resent
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I guess … the person who urges that our language is English and not Greek … also resents the fact that the original Bible was written in Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic. … Thank God for scholars who know this … and try to educate us.

        It's Wednesday morning and I just met a combine … on Sinkhole Road that takes up over half … of the oncomin' … traffic side of the road. I had to come to a complete stop and motion for the driver to move over. I'm pretty sure he can't read, but hopefully … the owner of the equipment can read this. Law enforcement should wake up before there is a serious accident.

        Will someone please … tell me when the dental clinic will be open in Statesboro?

       What's all this about … health insurance in Soundoff? Many people have health insurance added when they marry. … Some people that are married spouses go to work say they'll have health insurance and other people stayed miserably married so as to have health insurance. So, what's the problem here?

       Okay, the entries in Soundoff … about Bill Clinton, all this mess startin' with Bill Clinton. It did. And it … skipped over and picked up again … when the Democrats took … took complete control … at the end of … Bush's administration. So it was not Bush's fault. Thank you. Have a good day.


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