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January 19 - One of the best baseball players of modern time got banded from baseball for g
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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.

        One of the best  … baseball players of modern time … got … banded from baseball for … gamblin'. But, it what'n't gamblin' that cost him. … It was his lyin' that cost him to be suspended … indefinite ban from baseball. Now it's time for the commissioner to ban … Mark McGwire from baseball for lyin' about his steroid use. Thank you.

       I am sick and tired of callin' that school bus garage and nuthin' but voice mails. With as many numbers as there are, people … that are supposed to be answerin' the phone. Why hasn't anybody ever answered the phone?

    Let's see if you'll print this one. Did John Barrow's office lie to me? I was told on a phone call to his D.C. office that unions would not be given any special tri … treatment under the health care bill. Now I hear on TV news that they won't hafta pay a 40 percent tax the rest of us will have to pay. Guess who's subsidizing union health care? If you don't like it, call your congressman's office … today.

        Could somebody who works at the drivers license place out on 301 North please clean the door … that leads into that buildin'? It's filthy. Please clean the door.

       Obama has selected a … number of qualified individuals for a wide-range of positions and the Republicans have blocked his nominations. If you want things to change, tell your Republican friends to stop playing their political games.

        I guess … the person who urges that our language is English and not Greek … also resents the fact that the original Bible was written in Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic. … Thank God for scholars who know this … and try to educate us.

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