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January 14 - I think it's time that we all realized that we are in an economic depression.
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"I think it's time that we all realized that we are in an economic depression. ... We keep hopin' that the stock market will come back. We keep hopin' the consumer confidence will rise. But when you're ... riding down the road and you see big billboards advertising 'government works' projects ... we're in a depression."

"... If y'all think your dirt roads are bad, you oughtta drive over the crater at the entrance to Foxlake Drive three or four times a day. It'll tear your car up for sure."

"I was impressed by Sunday's article about Stan Brock's free two-day health clinic in Tennessee where doctors, dentists and opticians ... helped uninsured people. He started by helping people in South America until desperate need in the U.S. was brought to his ... attention. I wish some of our local dentists and doctors ... would feel ... free or ... would ... do something like that ... here. Just two days of their time. Would be such a blessin' to many who can't afford to get a tooth filled or ... other work taken care of."

"As much as ... baggy pants ... are sloppy ... very ... strange-looking, I say leave 'em alone. Let 'em dress the way they want. It's their right. It no doubt looks terrible, sloppy. It is a terrible way to dress. But if that's their mindset, leave 'em alone."

"Don't blame George Bush for the mess we're in. ... It started with Bill Clinton."


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