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I just wanna say I enjoyed readin' Holli Deal's Bragg's column on 'A'' dogs go to heaven'. But I
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"I just wanna say I enjoyed readin' Holli Deal's ... Bragg's column on 'A'' dogs go to heaven'. But I wonder how she could ... care so much about dogs ... and support ... the George Bush administration torture of human beins down at Guantanamo Bay. ... The two just don't fit together."

"I'd just like to thank Holli Deal Bragg for writing the article ... 'All dogs go to heaven' ... I read in the paper this morning. ... It made me feel so good to know that somebody else believes the same way I do about their animals ... and I really appreciate it. Thanks, Hollli."

"It's nice to hear about how far along Sallie Zetterower has come. But it would be nicer if the paper wrote about any road improvements to the school. As it stands now, will be a dangerous traffic nightmare getting into and out from the school."

"Thomas Jefferson once said, 'If people let the government decide what foods they eat ... and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in a sorry state, as are the souls who live under tyranny.'"

"Okay, so I'm goin' up I-16 headed west goin' home to Bulloch County and there is a Bulloch County ambulance ... that is headed ... home, I guess, in front of me. I'm goin' 75 miles an hour. He has passed me and gone way up the road. I guess that new law doesn't apply to them, huh?"

"I was at one of our Bulloch schools and noticed an uncertified employee monitoring students ... while teacher aides sat and did nothing. Isn't that illegal?"

"In his January 7th article, Mr. Gene Lyons seems to have more disdain for FOX News and conservatives than he does for Al-Qaeda. he should tell 911 victims' families ... that America as a nation has very ... little to fear from Al-Qaeda. And I'd like to know why ... the ... the Statesboro Herald continues to print this liberal garbage."


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