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August 14 - Just can't understand why the Bulloch County Board of Education bus garage spends th
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Just can't understand why ... the Bulloch County Board of Education bus garage ... spends the ... tax money of Bulloch County ... people over in Candler County buyin' parts for the school bus when they can buy 'em just as cheap here in Bulloch County, in Statesboro. Jut can't understand it. ... Maybe someone else can.

Well, this is to George Lopez ... who says he will leave the country ... if Sarah Palin is elected ... to the White House. ... Go south, young man! Go south! ... Venezuela is a communist country ... and will welcome you and your U.S. dollars. ... Pass the Kool-Aid®, please.

I don't understand why the city and county always want to pass a 1 percent ... more sales tax just to add stupid things to our county when half the people here ... do not use them. But they never have enough of money, but always wants to increase our taxes. The county ... our country is havin' ... bad economy problems. The city and ... if the city wants a pavilion, then ... or a market ... let them take care of it themselves! The county commissioners stay out of it!

I understand that we ... have a woman that shot a man at Blakewood Apartments and then we have all these people ... that are in jail for pandering, pimping and prostitution. ... Is there a chance that Holli Deal Bragg and her videographer ... are going to be available at all of their arraignment hearings so it can be posted on the Statesboro Herald web site? I just think everyone should get equal time... just like the police chief. Did he get his equal time? I don't think so. ... So ... just wonderin' ... where the fair news is ... and it's obviously not in Statesboro.

The recent heat-related deaths of high school football players will hopefully be a wake-up call to those who set school schedules. ... It is sheer idiocy to start school in August, generally the hottest month of the year. The high cost of air conditioning buildings, the lack of air conditioning in buses are nothing compared to the physical stress on kids at recess, and especially our athletes ... on the practice fields. ... Are parents going to have to resort to law schools ... lawsuits against school boards? ... Maybe a little financial pressure will work where concern over students' safety obviously doesn't. ... We're not talking about kids passing out. They're dying.

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