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Sneak a peek at Herald's new Web site
Check it out and let us know what you think
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   Hey, don't tell anyone, but check out
      Actually, I urge all of you to go to and check out our new Web site and tell everyone to do likewise. We still have a few tweaks to make and not everything is perfect, but, all in all, we're pretty proud of our new site.
      I'm confident you'll find the new site more appealing to the eye and also easier to navigate to wherever you want to go on the site. I really like the media boxes at the top with the large images highlighting our most recent stories and video shows.
      You want the latest news? Click on Local. You want to watch the latest Studio Statesboro or Eagles Nest? All our latest shows and videos or in the Multimedia section right in the middle of the home page. You want to read the blogs or post one? Click on the Community tab at the top of the page or scroll down and get a sampling of blogs. The same goes for looking through or posting to the Photo Gallery.
      Also, if you're looking for a job or a home or a truck, the Top Ads section is on the right side, easy to spot, near the top of the home page.
      OK. OK. I know some of you may be saying: What's wrong with the site now. Well, really nothing's wrong with it. In fact, the current won several national awards for its look and content. But in the world of the Web, the only thing that's constant is change. We have modernized our look and added more content.
      More content?
      Soundoff is one of the most read features in the Statesboro Herald. But you couldn't read it conveniently on our Web site. The same goes for all our columnists, letters to the editor and several features like health inspections for local restaurants, area births and school honor rolls. If you are a current subscriber to the newspaper or have an online subscription, you can read these features online by calling up the Adobe PDF pages of that day's paper. While PDFs are a great feature and will continue to be available to subscribers, they sometimes are not the most convenient way to read a story.
      Now with an E-Subscription you can check out Soundoff every day online in an easy-to-read format along with the Crime report and obituaries. Of course, if you have a print subscription to the Statesboro Herald, you can read everything every day whenever you want.

  Also, print subscribers have always had full access to everything on our Web site and that won't change. However, the code that appears every day on page 2 of the newspaper will be removed. That means if you are a print subscriber and click on premium content, please follow the registration instructions and make sure you check the box that indicates you are a print subscriber. You will be emailed a password that you can keep the same or change and that will give you full access to all the content on
      If you have any problems signing up please contact us and we can help you.
      Yes. We are charging for some content. It is premium content. Features that, for the most part, were never available to non-subscribers and never in such an easily read format. I think you'll find that an E-Subscription is a great value and so is a print subscription.
      So, please go to Spend some time looking around the site. Try the new features and then give us your opinion. 
      We've still got some work to do, but welcome to the new I know you'll find the site informative, useful and always fun.

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