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Report: Three Sylvania officers disciplined for damaging golf carts while off-duty
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    Two Sylvania Police officers and a Sylvania firefighter were disciplined for "off duty conduct unbecoming" of public safety officers after some golf carts were damaged during a private party.
    Sylvania Police Officers Trevin Moore and Jason Garland, as well as  Sylvania Fire Department employee Jeremy Bazemore, were officially reprimanded for behavior at a private party Dec. 8 at Briar Creek Country Club, said Sylvania Police and Fire Chief Gary Weaver.
    A Screven County Sheriff's Department incident report stated Moore rented the clubhouse facility for a private party.  After the party, a country club employee discovered "five golf carts had been removed from under a shed and heavily damaged." The estimated damage, according to the report, was between $8,000 and $10,000.
    Complainant Dewey Morgan, representing Briar Creek Country Club, was not immediately available for comment Monday.
    Weaver said Sylvania Police officers, as well as others, attended the party and alcohol was involved. "It was a private party and some of my people were involved" in the incident.
    While the officers and firefighter involved were off duty, they still violated City of Sylvania personnel policy, he said.
    While police officers are not banned from drinking alcohol, if they exhibit unprofessional behavior while under the influence of alcohol, they are reprimanded, he said.
    Each were disciplined for "unbecoming conduct" and "use of alcohol off duty," he said.
    In a letter of reprimand to Moore, Weaver stated "You made an oath to keep your private life irreproachable. With that oath, you must understand that the public commands a higher standard of personal  behavior for all our public safety officials." He said Garland and Bazemore received similar letters.
    "I certainly do not condone their behavior," he said Monday. "It is a black eye to law enforcement ... they did sign on the dotted line as far as having responsibility to make it good for the country club. These guys are human and make mistakes and have been disciplined."
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