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Police report - 12-10-15; A man pawned jewelry belonging to his parents.
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    Note: All information included in this report is taken from law enforcement incident reports and arrest records, which are public records and available for review at any and all local law enforcement agencies. Not every arrest leads to a conviction. Guilt or innocence is determined by the court system.

Reported Tuesday:
Statesboro Police Department
    Tyler James Evans, 29, East 49th Street, Savannah — theft by shoplifting, underage possession of alcohol.
    Jerry Travis Mikell, 32, Donaldson Street — obstruction, false report of a crime; false statements, writings or concealing facts; fleeing/attempt to elude; stop sign violation; suspended license.
    Brittany Erin Ricketson, 33, Canterbury Road — suspended license, hit and run, following too closely.

Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office
    William Latney Parr, 42, Tall Timbers Lane, Brooklet — parole violation.
    Richard Alexander Pearson, 41, Bill Futch Road,  Ellabell — suspended license expired registration.

Georgia State Patrol Post 45
    Malik Javen Jones, 20, Excalibur Court — seat belt violation, DUI/less safe, possession of drug-related objects.

Reported Tuesday:
Statesboro Police Department
    LANIER DRIVE — A woman reported the theft of $130.
    ZETTEROWER AVENUE — A business repossessed a vehicle and the man from whom they repossessed it called them several times, cursing them, reports stated.
    WAL-MART SUPERCENTER — A woman was charged with shoplifting $63 worth of salad and cheese and a $2 bottle of Barefoot peach moscato wine.

Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office
    YOUNGBLOOD ROAD — A woman had a timber company leave her property  because she said she owned half the property and the person who authorized the timber harvesting only owned ¼ of the property. Deputies noted the other party had court documents proving ownership, but the issue is currently in litigation.
    NEVILS DENMARK ROAD — A sheriff’s investigator discovered a man pawned jewelry belonging to his parents. The discovery was made through the “Leads Online” program.
    R.V. WILIFORD MOBILE HOME PARK — A woman told deputies she loaned her car to a friend of her mother’s so he could go to the store. After a week, he had still not returned the car, and she said she heard the car was in Florida. Neither she or her mother knew much about the man except for his name.
    SIGGERS ROAD — A driver for United Parcel Service reported being confronted by an armed land owner warning him about turning around on his property.
    HIGHTOWER ROAD — When a man confronted a man dating his wife’s daughter, arguing because the offender stayed at the residence after being told he could not, the offender became belligerent before leaving.
    OAK GROVE CHURCH ROAD — A man said his brother called him, then came to his home intoxicated and entered without permission. The two engaged in a physical confrontation, he said.
    CODY LANE MOBILE HOME PARK — A man, disturbed from sleep by neighbor children who played their drum set outside, approached the juveniles with a broom stick. The kids said he threatened them, but he said he only raised the broom stick after the children cursed him and said he would get into trouble if he struck them. He said he works nights and sleeps during the day and the children intentionally provoke him buy playing the drums daily.
    MILLER STREET EXTENSION — A woman called deputies when her 13-year-old son refused to go to school because she made him change his socks. The woman said he wore black socks because of a gang he is involved with, and she would not let him wear the socks. The boy ran into the woods before deputies arrived.

Georgia Southern University Police
    Officers issued seven traffic citations and seven traffic warnings and assisted seven motorist.
Reported Saturday through Tuesday:
Law Enforcement
    Brooklet Police — three calls Sunday, one call Monday and two calls Tuesday.
    Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office — 18 calls Saturday, 13 calls Sunday, 18 calls Monday and 20 calls Tuesday.
    Candler County Sheriff’s Office — one call Sunday, seven calls Monday and nine calls Tuesday.
    Claxton Police — one call Sunday and two calls Tuesday.
    Evans County Sheriff’s Office — two calls Saturday, three calls Sunday, three calls Monday and two calls Tuesday.
    Georgia State Patrol — two calls Saturday, two calls Sunday, four calls Monday and four calls Tuesday.
    Georgia Southern University Police — one call Saturday, four calls Monday and two calls Tuesday.
    Metter Police — six calls Saturday, five calls Sunday, seven calls Monday and three calls Tuesday.
    Portal Police — no calls.
    Register Police Department — no calls.
    Statesboro Police — 26 calls Saturday, 28 calls Sunday, 14 calls Monday and 32 calls Tuesday.

Fire Departments
    Bulloch County Fire Department — five calls Saturday and five calls Sunday.
    Statesboro Fire Department — three calls Saturday, seven calls Sunday and five calls  Tuesday.
    Metter Fire Department — one call Sunday, two calls Monday and three calls Tuesday.
    Evans County Fire & Rescue — one call Monday.
    Claxton Fire Department — one call Monday.
Emergency Medical Services
    Bulloch County EMS/Saturday — two  first-responder calls and 29 medical calls.
    Bulloch County EMS/Sunday — one accident calls, one coroner call, five first-responder calls and 18 medical calls.
    Bulloch County EMS/Monday — one accident calls, five first-responder calls and 20 medical calls.
    Bulloch County EMS/Tuesday — four first-responder calls and 27 medical calls.

    Candler County EMS/Saturday — five medical calls.
    Candler County EMS/Sunday — five medical calls.
    Candler County EMS/Monday — four medical calls.
    Candler County EMS/Tuesday — one coroner call and five medical calls.

    Evans County EMS/Saturday — three medical calls.
    Evans County EMS/Sunday — three medical calls.
    Evans County EMS/Monday — one accident call and one medical call.
    Evans County EMS/Tuesday — six medical calls.

Calls to other agencies
    911 hang-ups — 57 calls Saturday, 74 calls Sunday, 71 calls Monday and  68 calls Tuesday.
    Air Evac —  two calls Saturday, two calls Sunday, one call Monday and two calls Tuesday.
    Bryan County 911 — one call Monday.
    Bulloch County Humane Enforcement — two calls Sunday.
    Emanuel County 911 — one call Saturday, one call Sunday and one call Monday.
    Effingham County 911 — two calls Monday.
    Jenkins County 911 — one call Monday.
    Bulloch County Correctional Institute — one call Tuesday.
    Laurens County 911 — one call Monday.
    Statesboro Water Department — one call Monday.

— compiled by Holli Deal Saxon