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Mornings unPHILtered - Deal: I wont make promises I cant keep
Candidate says education too critical to cut
W Deal
Nathan Deal

      Republican nominee to be the next governor of Georgia Nathan Deal was Friday’s guest on the “Mornings unPHIltered” show.
      Deal said he will be at “Bevrick’s Char House Grill” in Metter Saturday morning from 9 until 11 am for a “Meet and Greet” with area residents. Deal’s is from Bulloch County, and he has numerous relatives who still live in this area.
      Deal said he had just arrived in Savannah for several meeting in the area. He began the interview by telling host Phil Boyum about his plans for improving education in the state. He said the challenges are many, and in difficult economic times becomes even more difficult.
      Therefore, he said giving local school systems the ability to use the money as they feel wisely is of paramount  importance. Also, areas such as transportation are where purchases may be delayed to spend on other more critical needs like education.
       In a “move on when ready” proposal, Deal suggested letting teachers administer the tests when their kids are ready, especially if they don’t need all of the time they are supposed to use to prepare for the tests.
       Asked by Boyum about the water issue facing the state, Deal said we first must stop the war being waged with other states over the control of the rivers which form the state’s boundaries.
      He said that would allow the state to then begin considering how to best use water in our state’s reservoirs. We must, he said, also fix leaking water systems and reservoirs, so that such a large percentage of stored and transported water is lost unnecessarily.
      As a ship’s horn could be heard in the background, Deal stated that he was by the Savannah River looking at this “very important” commercial waterway. He agreed with Congressman Jack Kingston’s efforts to get the port of Savannah deepened even further.
      Deal mentioned once the even larger ships begin serving the port of Savannah, there will be a need for bigger and better railways and roadways to carry the products in and out of the port.
      Asked about how he could continue providing public services, and stimulating the economy with the “stimulus money,” which had been made available to at least postpone cutting essential services, Deal said one thing we cannot do is to add more taxes.
      Deal said he would not make promises that he cannot live up to, and he said he would make sure that there is not a legislative gridlock that would prevent making needed changes.

      “Mornings unPHILtered” airs live Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. on and also simulcast on WWNS-AM 1240 on the radio. You also can listen anytime at on

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