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Mornings unPHILtered - Biz school earns prestigious ranking
Dr. Ron Shiffler
    Monday's first guest on the "Mornings unPhiltered show" was Georgia Southern College of Business Administration's Dean Dr. Ron Shiffler.
    Discussing the soon-to-be-released Princeton Review, which survey's accredited business schools. Shiffler told host Phil Boyum the review is a referendum of what a college's own students think about the business program.
    Asked how this study differs from the “US News and World Report” annual rankings, Shiffler said the US News study goes to college deans whose job it is to respond. According to Shiffler, the Princeton Review received responses from 19,000 students, who are asked about everything. One GSU student praised smaller class size and the availability of professors after class.
    In its overall rating, the Princeton Review referred to the GSU program as a “Hidden Gem in the Peach State” and praised the program overall. Shiffler stated that the Princeton Review has long focused on MBA programs, and that this is the fourth year that GSU had made it into the rankings.
     There are two categories, the review, which goes from 1 -10 on everything from difficulty to enter to friendly atmosphere, and the ratings which go as high as 99. GSU rated 83 and 81 on two faculty ratings, which Shiffler said is very important to him, as the professors make the school and its programs.
    The Princeton Review also stated that the tuition cost at GSU was “a steal” compared to the cost of many other programs in the nation. If you need more information about any of the business degree programs, Shiffler, said to call 478-2622 for more information.
    Mike Bowen was the second guest on Monday's show to discuss the 48th Annual Kiwanis-Ogeechee Fair that began Monday. He stated that his dad recruited him into Kiwanis, as have many other fathers.
    Bowen is the Statesboro Kiwanis 1999 President, 2007 Kiwanian Man of the Year, and is the current Chairman of “Young Children Are Priority One” service leadership committee. This program includes parent education and support, safety and pediatric trauma, childcare and development, and maternal and infant care.
    Asked by Boyum how the Ogeechee Fair got started, Bowen spoke of how the original Kiwanians would rent a facility and bring in a few rides for the kids. Then, the Kiwanians took a huge leap of faith. They bought the 31 acres where the fair is held today (when it was still in the country). Using their own members' talents, they slowly but surely built the existing facilities.
    Nowadays, this fair has become one of the largest small-town agricultural fairs. There are canning booths, livestock exhibits, crocheting competitions, and even organic farming booths set up in the fair. There are beauty pageants, musical exhibitions, art exhibits, and many other displays for Bulloch County's families to peruse.
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