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Students are Safe with Smart Home Solutions from Bulloch Solutions
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As the area’s provider, Bulloch Solutions is ready to help parents navigate the new school year. While parents in our area decide whether they will be sending their students to school virtually or in person, there has never been a better time to invest in your smart home solutions. Whether your child is coming home after school while you are at work or staying home to work online, there are a few key features that will help you find the peace of mind that your kids are home safe and sound. 


Coded entry is one easy way to ensure that kids get home safe from school, and alerts sent straight to your phone mean you don’t have to worry or stop what you’re doing to check in. These codes can be programmed to specific users, so parents with children arriving at different times will know who arrived home and when. This means no more lost keys or getting locked out, too. 


Add to this the video clip of your kids’ arrival sent straight to your phone from the camera at the door, and you will know whether your children have friends over and, you can probably tell from the way they enter the house what kind of day they had at school. There is even an alert to let you and your student know if the door was left open or ajar. You also have the ability to keep an eye on who is coming and going after the kids get home or throughout the day. With the video doorbell, you can see who’s dropping off packages or stopping by to visit. 


As children get a little older, they may have more freedom to fix themselves meals, watch TV, or come and go, but you don’t have to wonder what is happening while you’re not home. Contact sensors allow you to monitor when your child enters off limit rooms or cabinets to help you keep your kids safe. You can even easily check in with a video snapshot of your student. You can help them get back on task or make better decisions from afar with smart home technology from and Bulloch Solutions. 


As you and your family begin to prepare for the new school year, whether online or in person, trust your home to Bulloch Solutions. Visit or call (912)865-1100 for more information about how you can make your home safe this school year. 

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