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What kind of message does garbage send
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       The rally on 8/28 at The Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., gave support to veterans and their families, and was attended by at least 300,000 people, with the actual figure possibly reaching 500,000. There were no disturbances or waving of political signs, and at the conclusion of the ceremonies, everyone departed quietly with the beautiful grounds appearing again as if no one had been there. There was no garbage! The last event on White House grounds that involved so many people was President Obama's 2009 inauguration, and in stark contrast, garbage was strewn everywhere, which was well-documented.
       While there is no direct evidence that citizens who refrain from littering would govern our country better, it seems more than coincidence that the financial waste in the stimulus bill followed so closely upon the slovenly display as Obama became president. Incidentally, I know for certain that the recent rally did not generate unsightly garbage, since my daughter was in attendance, and took pictures demonstrating the exemplary behavior of that group.
John E. Carlson

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