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Nothing wrong with city giving First Baptist funds for water project
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       This is a brief response to the editorial in Wednesday's Herald asking the city council to deny labor for the water requirements of the expansion at First Baptist Church. It appears to me that when the city assumes the monopoly for utility services it must make certain that these utilities exist or can be made available to the public, regardless of whether they are public, private, tax paying or tax exempt. All of these must pay for the utility, unless there are some that are getting them free that I do not know about. Do you think that there is an outside chance that the city would permit the church to drill its own well? Of course they would not.
       As for the precedent that may be set by approving this work, the precedent has already been set. Any person, business, group of people or whatever that wants to build a structure in compliance to the code in the city limits of Statesboro is entitled to the utilities that the city provides. All churches, and not-for-profit organizations, such as the Boys and Girls Club, are just as entitled to this service because they have no place else to get it.
       By the way, in closing, I wonder how long the city plans to wait until it gets a return on its investment for the improvements on Main Street. I did not see any editorials against that project. I personally like what they have done. Where community exists there are reasons for doing things that may sometime elude the profit motive.
Don Whaley

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